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Benefits Of A Sports Bra

7 Things Every Girl Should Know

Written by Uplifted Lingerie on 09 March 2021

Sports Bra Benefits

Whether you’re in the gym ten times a week (post covid), like the comfort on offer, or just want your assets to enjoy maximum support when you’re out walking the dog, a great sports bra is one wardrobe essential that every girl needs. In fact, here at Uplifted Lingerie, we’re such big fans, we had to share these 7 benefits of a sports bra - some of which may even surprise you! 

Sports bras can

  1. Support breasts and minimise movement during exercise 
  2. Regulate sweat and help to control body temperature 
  3. Help to reduce breast pain 
  4. Come in a variety of support levels to suit your activities 
  5. Provide extra storage for keys, ear plugs or bank cards
  6. Come in super fashionable & funky designs 
  7. Be great alternatives to regular bras for everyday use 

Why Sports Bras Matter

Did you know that when unsupported, larger breasts can bounce up to 14 cm and even an A cup can move by 4cm - that’s a lot of bounce which can cause all sorts of havoc! Whether your boobs are small or large, this part of your body doesn’t have much muscle. This means that, far from being just a work out accessory, a sports bra is an essential bit of kit that can provide plenty of performance and comfort enhancing benefits where we need it most. 

The lack of muscular support in this area means that breast tissue needs all the support it can get to prevent sagging, unwanted bounce, or even pain, and that’s where the humble sports bra comes in. They are important in maintaining the integrity of the breast wall and preventing ligament damage from too much movement. 

From every day additional support to elite athletic performance demands, sports bras can reduce breast movement by up to 83% to ensure you have the support and coverage you need no matter what size your breasts are. 



Shop Sports Bras 


So now you know why a sports bra is more than just something that elite athletes need in their gym bag, read on to discover even more benefits that a good sports bra can offer whilst protecting your body and improving your fitness game. 


What Is A Sports Bra?

A sports bra is simply a bra that has been designed to meet the additional needs of our breasts when we engage in sports or physical activity outside of our normal day to day routines. They come in all manner of designs with choices of fastenings, colours, wiring options, moulded or molded cups and sizing - just like a normal bra. When it comes to sports bra sizing, some women choose to size down a band size to ensure a snug fit but as all manufacturers are sized differently, there is no substitute for trying on a load of sports bras to find the style and size that is right for you. 

Tip: With uplifted lingerie's hassle free returns policy, you can do this from the comfort of your own home! 

When shopping for sports bras, there are two main types of bra fit to consider; compression and encapsulation. Compression bras look like a traditional crop top and work by smooshing or flattening the breast tissue towards the chest which helps to decrease the force of movement through the breast itself. Encapsulation bras have two separate cups like a standard bra but come with the extra support that a well made sports bra can provide.

Support For Exercise

First things first, let’s cover the most obvious benefit of sports bras. Sports bras are great for minimising movement of your breasts and providing the support you need during exercise. If you are any more than a B cup, it’s likely that you will regularly need some additional support in the cleavage department when exercising. Whether you’re a running fanatic, dedicated crossfitter or Zumba queen, knowing your boobs won’t be jiggling around while you’re on the move can provide peace of mind and prevent any barrier to participation that some larger breasted women may experience. 

We always recommend taking the time to find the sports bra that is comfortable, supportive, and designed to meet the needs of your shape and sporting needs. From high impact support to something pretty to wear under your gym cami, there is a perfect sports bra for you. 


Shop sports bras: Our Shock Absorber sport bra is available up to a G cup. Our Elomi Sport Bra is a technically advanced support bra made from special fabrics, which shape to your body contours. 


Shock Absorber Active Multiway


Control Your Body Temperature & Regulate Sweat

Just like your sports leggings, tops and socks, sports bras are specifically made materials that cater for sweaty bodies. The technical fabrics used in lots of brands serve a variety of functions including having the ability to wick sweat away from the body and increase air flow - two super important factors when it comes to keeping you cool and dry when active! 

Sports bras can also be made from super lightweight fabric that is also warm which is a great option for when the temperature drops but you don’t want additional bulk. 

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the chance of a sweaty boob line and keep as cool as possible when working out, make sure you look out for technical sports fabrics when shopping for sports bras. 


Reduce Breast Pain 

Perhaps one of the most popular benefits that sports bras can offer is their ability to minimize breast movement and associated breast pain. Breast movement can make participating in physical activities both inconvenient and painful but the right sports bra will hold everything in place for you. 


Shop: If you’re large chested and are likely to bounce around a lot, check out this Royce impact free bra available in G-K cups 


Choose the support level you need

Just like regular bras, there are lots of variations of sports bras available. From light support to high impact or high compression varieties, getting the right level of support comes down to activities that you do. To decide which sports bra is right for you, ask yourself how much your breasts are likely to move around and bounce when doing what you do. For example, a female runner will experience much more bounce than a lady attending a yoga class. 

Shop! If you have a smaller frame try our Royce impact free flex fit sports bra available in A-C cups. 

Royce Impact Free



Secret Storage Options! 

We’ve never met a girl that doesn’t appreciate a good pocket, especially those in places that you least expect them like skirts, gym leggings and sports bras! One of our favourite sports bra benefits is their ability to provide some additional sneaky storage - great for those that don’t want to carry a bag when running or reducing what you have to carry when working out. If you want somewhere to store a key, small MP3 players or earphones, keep an eye out for sports bras with storage pockets to keep valuables safe and secure so you don’t have to lodge your front door key between your boobs! 


Choose Your Style - Lots Of Designs Available!

Bras come in all manner of colours, fastening, strap thickness and sizes so you should have no trouble finding a bra as unique as you are. From animal prints, colourful geometrics, abstract patterns or traditional block colour, there is plenty of fun to be had when choosing which bra you will enjoy your next workout in. What’s more, who doesn’t feel a little bit extra special when wearing a new kit? You might even get a new PB! 


Shop: We LOVE this Elomi Energise sports bra with J hook to give you a racer back option. It has a unique non compression design offering bust separation, shaping and the ultimate in support. 


Choose Your Style


A Great Alternative To Regular Bras For Everyday Use

Finding the right sports bra can be like finding a good pair of slippers - the ultimate in comfort wear! Due to their design, sports bras can offer comfort in ways that regular bras can’t compete with. Their wider straps and improved coverage distribute breast tissue evenly, and the materials used are selected to minimise rubbing or chafing due to their intended sporty use. This all adds up to make them a great option for anyone looking for superior comfort from a new bra that you can wear everyday too - so even if you’re having a rest day, your sports bra can still get an outing.


Related Questions

How Often Should I Change My Sports Bra? 

How often you change your sports bra will be down to personal preference and how often you use it but they can often get overlooked when it comes to filling up your shopping basket. A sports bra that is supporting your breasts in four or five intense workouts a week will need to be replaced much sooner than a sports bra that is used twice weekly for lower impact activities. Make a note to check your bras every 6-12 months to see if they’re still providing you with the support you need. 

If you’re in any doubt as to whether you need to replace your sports bra we recommend checking: 

  • Does your bra still give you the support you need?
  • Does your bra still fit well with your breasts encased and no over-cup or over-band spillage?
  • Is the fabric on your bra still performing well? Is it in- tact and smelling fresh, or has it lost its elasticity? 

These simple checkpoints will help you to determine when it's time to top up your sports kit stash. When you are ready to shop, it could be worth buying two or more sports bras so that you always have a fresh one to wear, or you may want to choose a variety to suit your different activities. 


How Should I Wash My Sports Bra?

How Often Should I wash my sports bra - sports bra benefits

When it comes to washing your sports bra, you should always follow the manufacturers guidelines on the garment care label. They won’t usually require a special hot wash and can be thrown in with the rest of your sports kit but one great tip to keep them in working order for as long as possible is to do the hooks up before washing. 

This prevents the hooks from catching on the drum of the machine and getting bent out of shape - a sure fire way to reduce the lifespan of your sports bra! Once clean, simply air dry your sports bra on the washing line or clothes horse but never put them in the tumble dryer as this can cause damage to the fabrics or cause any underwires to come loose. 


Compression Or Encapsulation, Which Is Best? 

As we said above, compression bras work to compress your breasts against your chest, whereas encapsulation style sports bras support each breast separately, but which is best? The answer, as you may expect comes down to personal preference, the sports you engage in and how big your breasts are.

Larger breasted ladies may get more support from encapsulation style bras as will those engaging in high impact activities. Compression bras however are more well suited to smaller breasted women and low to medium impact activities. 

Whichever option you choose, both styles offer enhanced support when compared to regular bras and both aim to minimise the movement of your breasts either in an upwards or sideways direction.


We love sports bras here at uplifted lingerie and hope that the 7 benefits that we’ve covered here will give you plenty of options to consider the next time you’re due to top up your sports kit stash.

To recap, sports bras can; 

  1. Support breasts and minimise movement during exercise 
  2. Regulate sweat and help to control body temperature 
  3. Help to reduce breast pain 
  4. Come in a variety of support levels to suit your activities 
  5. Provide extra storage for keys, ear plugs or bank cards
  6. Come in super fashionable & funky designs 
  7. Be great alternatives to regular bras for everyday use 

If you’re all ready to shop now or want to refresh your gym kit post lockdown, then we stock some of the very best sports bras on the market for women of all shapes and sizes that enjoy sport and being active. 


Shop Sports Bras 


Whether you’re looking for performance, style, technical fabrics or comfort, head over to our online store to check out the gorgeous sports bras that we have available With Free UK Delivery on all eligible orders, we aim to get you a better result every time, leaving you feeling like you’re ready to take on the world! 

If you have any questions about finding the right sports bra for you, please do send us an email or give us a call.

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