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So ladies, with all the talk about 70% of women wearing the wrong bra size and high street stores letting us down with bad measuring practices, we thought it was time to take matters into our hands and check that our customers know what they should be looking for in a perfectly fitting bra.


Heidi’s top ten tips for checking you are wearing the right size:


Start by looking at your back well, perhaps not literally, but take a look at where the back of your bra is sitting on your back. If it is riding up, you are almost definitely wearing a back size that is too big for you. You should only be able to put two fingers under the band comfortably.


If you bring your back size down, your cup size has to go up to compensate, so, if you are wearing a 38F and you take your back size down to a 36, try a G cup. If you take your back size up, the cup goes down.


Ensure that the centre piece of the bra is flat against your chest bone. To check this, lift your arms up in front of you. It should not move out of place. If it moves up, the back size is too big.


Check that any wiring is not pressing against the breast tissue. With your right hand, check under your left arm to make sure and vice versa.


Remember that your bra only has a certain lifetime. Bras will stretch over time and more quickly if you machine wash them. To increase the life of a favourite bra, handwash it. It may be that your bra back is big now due to the material having stretched, but if you buy a brand new bra in the same size, it will be right size.


Different types of bras will fit differently. You can vary up to 2 sizes depending on the bra style or the producer. So, if you wear a 32DD in a balcony style, you might prefer a 32E in a full cup or vice versa.


When you have put your bra on, always finish with a ‘swoop and scoop’. Put your hand in your bra cup and make sure the breast tissue is evenly distributed to ensure the best outline.


To get the best picture of whether the bra is giving you lift and support where you need it, pop on a simple t shirt to check the lines under close fitting clothes.


Don’t be scared of trying a new size. Yes, you might ‘always have worn a 36E’ but it really doesn’t mean that is the best size for you. We all change size and should check regularly that our bras are supporting us as we require.


Finally, if you have one breast that is significantly smaller than the other, make sure you fit your bra to allow for this. Adjust your straps so that the cups sit closely to both breasts with as little bagginess as possible. A moulded bra can disguise significant variation in size as the material is firmer so will provide artificial shape for the smaller breast.


We hope this is helpful. Remember, if you have any questions about fitting bras - or about how brands fit differently, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call for a chat.


Our bra fitting guide below and your own personal experiences should be enough to ensure you order the perfect fitting bra. However, we at Uplifted Lingerie understand that bra fitting is not a science. All of you are different shapes and sizes and manufacturers have slightly different bra fitting measurements. Our bra fitting guide will help, but if you find your new bra does not fit properly, we will be happy to exchange or refund. If you're unsure when purchasing a new bra range, get in touch, we'll help to compare and advise.

For correct bra fitting, there are just two measurements you need: BAND SIZE and CUP SIZE. .

If possible, ask a friend to help with the measurement for your bra fitting to ensure accuracy. You will need a tape measure (inches or centimetres).

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