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What is your bra size?

Check Your Bra Size

Firstly, you need to ensure that you are wearing your bra correctly. If you are not sure, please go to our Fitting Guide

Your perfect size will depend on your breast shape and also which style of bra you are looking for - this can differ by up to two sizes depending on the style and manufacturer.


  • Is the size you are wearing now actually the size on the label? Bras only have a certain lifespan and over time the material stretches. If you have had a bra for a long time and then purchase a like for like replacement then you may find the new item is a lot tighter than you are used to. it will either need to be worn a few times or you may even need to go up a size to get your correct fit
  • Don't be scared of trying a new size. You may have always worn a '36E' as that is what used to fit well or that was the size you were told during a fitting a long time ago (a fitting is recommended every 6 months), but we all change size and you need to be regularly checking that your bra is supporting you how it should be


      Below are a few quick points to look at when measuring for your bra size. You can also watch the video which will explain further.
  • Band size- when working this out you can use your dress size +20, so if you are dress size 14 add 20 so your band would be a 34 and so on. It may not always work for example if you have narrow shoulders or are bigger busted.
  • Band size- you can also measure under your bust in inches using a tape measure ensuring you keep this parallel and firm when taking the size, if the measurement for example is 31 you could try either a band 30 or 32.
  • Cup size- If you have decided you need to change the size of your band from what you would normally wear look at the cups on this bra after you have completed the swoop and scoop and you are wearing the bra correctly and decide if you feel the cup fits.  If so you will need to use the rule that if you are going up a band size you will need to come down a cup size to ensure the cup size stays the same and vice versa if you are going down a back size you go up a cup size. You use the same rule if you feel you need to change the cup size
  • Cup size- Remember different style bras suit different shape breast.
  • Cup Size- Also breast are not always the same size, it is said they are sisters but not twins so you may also need to take this in to consideration when measuring and always size to the bigger bust. 


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