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Best Maternity Bras

Consider These Key Things

Written on 14 February 2022

Best maternity bra


The best maternity bras are made from soft seamless cotton, are supportive, and include functional features such as drop cups, multi-sized cups and wider, more supportive bands to see you through pregnancy, new motherhood and nursing if you choose to breastfeed. To combine practical, well-fitting maternity bras with pretty designs, consider brands such as Royce, Panache, Elomi, and Freya which are all available to buy from

Key Features Of Maternity Bras 

  • Able to accommodate growing breasts through pregnancy - look for multi-sized cups
  • Comfort from soft, breathable materials and wire-free support from wider bands and straps 
  • Functional features such as the ability to fit breast pads into cups to soak up excess milk
  • Practical features such as drop-down or cross over cups to allow for hassle-free newborn nursing
  • Designed in prints and styles that you love 

Women’s tummies aren’t the only thing that expands during pregnancy and whilst every woman is different, on average, breasts are likely to increase by 1 to 2 cup sizes during pregnancy. In addition, your band size will likely increase too as you reach the later stages of pregnancy and your ribcage expands to make room for your baby to grow.

To accommodate all of these changes that your body is going through, buying a specialist maternity bra that offers the increased levels of support that you and your baby need are one of the most important pregnancy purchases that you can make. It’s also a much more appealing option than struggling to contain your growing breasts and changing shape into your existing bras, which don’t have pregnancy in mind.

Maternity Bras Online 

At Uplifted Lingerie we stock a wide variety of maternity bras from brands that make it their mission to design comfortable and supportive bras to see you through pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood. 

Within our collection, you will find bras offering practical and design features to support you when nursing, during maternity, and bras for sleeping in, available in sizes 28DD to 42JJ. 


Looking for comfort during Pregnancy?

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We’ve had the pleasure of supporting thousands of women in their pregnancy journey by supplying brilliant bras that last and as a result have plenty of experience to share. Read on for some of our key things to consider when choosing your bra along with some of the best examples of maternity bras to choose from. 


Maternity Bra Basics 

Nursing mother

If you’re usually a one bra for everything kind of girl, or this is your first pregnancy, then you may be wondering what is so different about a maternity bra when compared to a regular bra. 

A maternity bra, also referred to as a nursing bra, boasts plenty of practical features that take them above and beyond your regular bras and are perfect for use as you grow and nurture a brand new life. 

Keep an eye out for these features that a good maternity bra will deliver on: 

  • Able to accommodate growing breasts throughout pregnancy
  • Soft, breathable materials, no wires and support from wider bands and straps 
  • Ability to fit breast pads into cups to soak up excess milk
  • Options of drop-down or crossover cups to allow for easy newborn feeds 

Just like regular bra shopping, once you’ve found a bra that has all the right features in a design that you love, then it’s a good idea to try on a few different sizes or styles to try on to see which you feel more comfortable with. This is particularly useful when it comes to deciding which style of access to the cups that you prefer for breastfeeding and we’d recommend trying this out well before you have a hungry newborn in your arms! 

Getting The Right Fit

A properly fitting bra that supports your breasts in all the right places is important at the best of times, and especially important to get right throughout your pregnancy and post-birth months. As breasts expand in size, as we know they do during pregnancy, they need more support than they did before and you may need to adjust your sizing several times during this period of your life. 

The additional support is required to protect the delicate breast tissue which doesn’t have a lot of muscle from stretching beyond its limits, reducing sagging and stretch marks, or causing discomfort as your larger chest moves around. A good maternity bra will incorporate additional support features within the band, straps and cups to protect the integrity of the breast wall and prevent ligament damage arising from too much moving around. 

Pay attention to the three key fitting areas of your bra which are the cups, band and straps:

  • If your breasts are spilling over the front or sides of the cups, you need to size up. 
  • If your band is digging into your back or front and leaving red marks on the largest setting, or keeps riding up your back, then you need to size up. 
  • If your straps are digging in causing soreness on your shoulders, they should be first adjusted to a looser setting and if that doesn’t provide the support you feel your breasts need, you should adjust the size of your band. Remember that the majority of the support in a bra comes from the band, not the straps.

If the idea of heading into town and spending an age in a hot fitting room to find your perfect maternity bra doesn’t sound all that appealing right now, the good news is there are plenty of resources online to ensure that you can get a properly fitting bra when trying on in the comfort of your own home. 

Take a look at the uplifted lingerie fitting guide for comprehensive instructions, images and videos to ensure that you are wearing a properly fitting bra during your pregnancy. What’s more, with our hassle-free returns policy, you can order and try on as many different options as you like! 

Maternity Bra Must-Haves 

Pregnant women in maternity bra

Whether you’re looking for the right bra to put into your hospital bag for postpartum nursing or want to build up a stash of super comfortable, beautiful bras to see you through your whole pregnancy, keep your eyes peeled for the following features that will ensure you have the comfort, support and practical features that you need from a maternity bra.

Wired Or Non-Wired - It’s Up To You

The choice of whether to opt for a wired or non-wired bra during pregnancy is entirely up to you as there is no medical reason to avoid wires whilst carrying your baby. This means that If you’re wearing a properly fitting bra, wires should cause no issue with comfort. 

Most women do tend to opt for non-wired maternity bra options though as it removes an element that could lead to discomfort, particularly when breasts are increasing in size quite quickly! Not having to worry about wires sticking in can be a bonus and isn’t something that needs to be considered with a non-wired bra. Opting for non-wired bras also means they can be worn to bed, great for when you’re too exhausted to change or just need a quick lie down! 


Soft, breathable fabrics that are free of irritation or itchy seams are key when it comes to choosing your maternity bra. As you progress through your pregnancy, it’s not uncommon to feel hot and bothered which can lead to being a bit sweatier under or between your breasts than usual. Opting for natural fibres such as cotton or silk is a good way to keep you cooler for longer. 

A Style That You Love 

Long gone are the days that maternity underwear was boring, frumpy and lacking in personality or style. If you love the feeling of wearing matching underwear or if putting on a cute patterned bra in the morning lifts your mood, then there are plenty of stylish maternity bras and matching knicker sets available that offer the support you need in a style that you love. 

Wider Straps Or Underbands For Additional Support 

The majority of a maternity bra’s support comes from the band whilst the straps provide additional support that helps to distribute the weight of the breasts evenly across your shoulders. Wider straps also tend to feature additional padding so they’re less likely to slip off your shoulders when properly adjusted. These features all add up to a more comfortable fit all around, which you'll appreciate as you get used to the heavier weight of your growing chest through pregnancy. 

Multi Cup Sizing To Allow For Growth 

Some maternity bras offer the brilliant feature of dual or even triple cup sizes within one bra. This is a great way to ensure that your bra grows with you and also helps to save on the cost of having to buy a new bra for every cup size you go up on this journey! 

Nursing Options 

Maternity bras feature nursing options that your regular bras won’t have and allow you to drop the cup quickly and easily to provide nursing access for your baby. Keep an eye out for drop-down cups that unclip when it’s time to feed or cross over cups that you simply push aside the fabric for no-fuss access. 

With over 15 maternity bras to choose from and speedy delivery options, you can try on all the bras that you want to in the comfort of your own home when shopping with Uplifted Lingerie. 

Here are just a few of our favourites. 

Royce Charlotte Nursing Bra 

Royce Charlotte Nursing Bra

This beautiful nursing bra is comfortable, supportive and easy to wear. The mesh top cup makes it stylish as well as supremely practical, and it comes with easy-release drop cup clips like all Royce nursing bras.

  • Sizes available: 28DD- 40KK
  • Available in size L in Black Only
  • Colours available: Skin, Black and White 
  • Drop Cup Clips 
  • Four sets of Hook and eyes for adjustment.
  • 2 per row for sizes DD to FF and 3 per row for cup sizes G to K



Royce Blossom Maternity Bra 

Royce Blossom Maternity Bra

This gorgeous polka dot Royce Blossom maternity bra offers the perfect mix of cute styling and bags of practical features for a great everyday bra during maternity and nursing. This bra works in so many ways with its triple-sized cup options that grow with you, it can be turned from a plunge bra into a crop style that is perfect for sleeping in, and its classic print makes it our fastest selling maternity bra and a must-have for all hospital bags.

  • Available in dual sizes 32 C/D/DD-40G/GG/H
  • Colours available: Black and white spot
  • Easy-release drop cups
  • Converts from plunge to crop top for sleeping 
  • Four sets of Hook and eyes for adjustment with 2 per row for cups C/D/DD - E/F/FF and 3 per row for cup sizes G/GG/H - HH/J/JJ



Panache Sophie Non-Wired Nursing Bra

This stunning nursing bra with lace overlay is perfect for mums that want something a little special in their maternity wardrobe. Available with matching thong or shorts, Sophie provides a little bit of maternity glam whilst delivering the practical features you need including adjustable straps, nursing access and a secure back.

  • Available in dual sizes 30 DD - 40GG
  • Colours available: Black or Ivory 
  • Clip drop nursing access



Looking for stylish and practical bras for pregnancy?

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When Do You Start Wearing A Maternity Bra?

Most women start wearing a specific maternity bra towards the end of their first trimester. It’s at this point in their pregnancy that most women start to notice their breasts increasing in size. As every woman is different, you may feel that you need the additional support that a maternity bra can provide earlier or later in your pregnancy. 

From this point in, you may need to reassess your bra fit again as your breasts continue to grow and this is why bras featuring multi-cup sizes are brilliant as they allow for more growth before having to buy a new bra. Even post-birth, your breasts may continue to get bigger as milk is produced and this nursing period is often referred to as the fourth trimester! 


Tips For Nursing Bras 

If you are planning to breastfeed, you might want to wait until a month or so before giving birth before purchasing a maternity bra with a specialist nursing feature so you know the right size to get as by this time it may feel like your breasts are growing daily! 

There are several styles of nursing bras available including drop cups or crossover, but whichever you choose, it’s worth practising the open and closure method so you’re a dab hand before the baby arrives. If you don’t want a specific nursing bra, there are other options available to make feeding your baby as easy as possible including a simple soft bralette or crop top style bra or nursing camisoles. 


As you progress through pregnancy and following the birth of your child, whether you choose to breastfeed or not, your breasts will get bigger and feel more sensitive than usual. We hope that this article has given you plenty of options to consider when choosing the best maternity bras and has outlined the key features to pay attention to when shopping for bras that will provide maximum pregnancy and post-birth comfort. 

Key Features For Maternity Bras 

  • Able to accommodate growing breasts through pregnancy - look for multi-sized cups
  • Comfort from soft, breathable materials and wire-free support from wider bands and straps 
  • Functional features such as the ability to fit breast pads into cups to soak up excess milk
  • Practical features such as drop-down or cross over cups to allow for hassle-free newborn nursing
  • Designed in prints and styles that you love

Whatever stage of your motherhood journey you are at, you can find an excellent range of comfortable, supportive, easy fastening bras in the maternity range at uplifted lingerie. We also stock pretty lingerie, sports bras and beautiful bras to flatter breasts of all shapes and sizes, so when you’re not elbow deep in nappies and are ready to shop for your post-birth shape again, you can view the full range here.

If you need any further advice on any of our ranges please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team by email or the Live Chat option on our website. 

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