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Best Push Up Bra For Small Chest

The Ultimate Guide!

Written on 24 August 2023

Best push up bra for small chest


If you’ve ever typed ‘best push up bra for small chest’ into Google, then our simple guide to finding the perfect cleavage enhancing push up bra could be just what you need. 


The best push up bra for a small chest:

  • Features the right level of padding for your needs. Choose levels 1-3 depending on your cup size 
  • Is well-fitting. Achieve a fuller look for small chests by lifting and pushing the breasts inwards, enhancing your natural shape and giving the illusion of a bust size of up to two cup sizes bigger! 
  • Side support can help  
  • Is made from material that you like and find comfortable 
  • Complements the style of outfit that you’re wearing 

Humps, cherries, ladies, whatever you call them, if mother nature has gifted you a B cup or less in the breast department, then there might be occasions that you want to boost what you’ve got to create a curvier and fuller-looking cleavage. This is where the perfect push up bra comes in and our guide to the best push up bra for small-chested ladies will give you all the tips you need to find a bra that could give the illusion of boosting your chest size by up to two cup sizes! 

Shopping For Push Up Bras

At Uplifted Lingerie we stock a wide variety of bras to fit, suit and flatter a small chest from brands that make it their mission to design comfortable, cute and supportive bras for women of all sizes. Within our collection, you will find push up bras offering a material fullness that we will refer to as padding. This shapes, smooths and lifts your breasts to create that full cleavage look and they’re available in cup sizes AA to L!


Looking for great fitting push up bras?

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What Is A Push Up Bra?

Push up, balcony, multiway, demi, plunge, t-shirt - there is a huge choice when it comes to bra styles and finding the one that best meets your needs can feel like an overwhelming task sometimes but we can clear up what a push up bra is, right here. 

A push up bra has padding in the bottom half of the cup that is designed to lift and shape the breasts to make them higher and closer together to create a full cleavage look. Push up bras have three different levels of padding depending on your cup size measurement, so regardless of your actual breast size, a push up bra can enhance your natural assets to create the illusion of a larger, rounded and fuller bust.

Simply put, a well-fitting push bra will provide the lift you need to achieve the volume you desire, which can be of particular benefit for smaller chested ladies. 


Wonderbra T-shirt bra 

Wonderbra T-shirt bra

Possibly the ultimate push up bra - the Wonderbra T-Shirt bra will give you extreme all-day comfort, excellent rounded shape and a smooth look under your clothing due to its seam-free moulded cups.

  • Padded push up bra
  • Available in black, beige and white 
  • Ultimate comfort from cotton feel cups
  • Graduated padding for a natural-looking cleavage


Freya Cameo: Moulded Plunge bra

Freya Cameo Moulded Plunge bra

This is one of our favourite padded bras to give smaller chests some uplift. The Freya Cameo moulded plunge bra will give you a smooth silhouette under your clothing and will give you a great uplifted shape. The contemporary stripe design gives this bra a striking look.

  • Moulded underwired Plunge Bra
  • Available in sizes 32B-38G
  • Available in colours Sand and Black
  • A low centre front gives a desired cleavage
  • J -hook adjuster to make racer back option
  • Fixed fully adjustable straps to prevent strap slippage



Find The Right Push Up Bra For You 

If you’ve got your heart set on a push up bra to boost your natural assets, arm yourself with these three tips for finding the right one for you in a sea of pretty lingerie to choose from - simply focus on fit, padding and fabric.

Push Up Bra Fitting 

Getting a well-fitting push up bra is no different to any other style of bra. Every bra must fit you properly to look good and feel comfortable. There is no point squeezing into a bra that is two cup sizes too small as you'll create the dreaded double boob look, even if your breasts are small to start with. Likewise, wearing a bra that is too big will lead to constant fidgeting to pull it back into place and no support given to delicate breast tissue. With this in mind, we think that bra fit is the single most important thing to get right when buying a new bra of any type, including push up bras. 


How To Fit A Push Up Bra

Your pushup bra size will be the same as your regular bra size, but be aware that your bra size can vary between brands and styles. So whilst knowing your ballpark bra size is a good place to start when buying a push up bra, it’s the actual fitting process that will cause you to go up or down in band and cup size. Your cup size will determine the level of padding that your push up bra needs. Smaller chests need a more padded push up bra (level 2 or 3) whereas larger cup sizes will need level 1 padding.

Follow our handy fitting guide here and you'll know you’re wearing the right size push up bra when;

  • The cups are filled without overflow. Use cutlets or padding to accommodate different-sized breasts. 
  • The underwires are resting against your rib cage and not on top of delicate breast tissue
  • You can comfortably fit two fingers under the band - no more, and no less
  • You barely notice the straps 
  • You feel confident and well put together 
  • New bras are worn on the loosest setting 

Our final tip on push up bra fitting is that whilst you want to achieve the full cleavage look, it’s important not to fall foul of the dreaded quad-boob look along the way! This occurs when your breast tissue is being compressed in the middle to give the effect of two breasts on each side, which is a common side effect of wearing a bra cup size that is too small. 


Push Up Bra Padding 

Push up bras use padding that is positioned at the bottom of the cup to provide lift to your natural breasts without impacting the comfort of the bra. Smaller breasts need padding that takes up more of the cup area compared to larger breasts that will need less padding as there is already more volume to the breast. The best push up bra for you will have the right level of padding based on the size of your natural breasts and the amount of cleavage that you want to create. 

Push up bra padding comes in three levels. The first is a horizontal line of padding around the bottom of the cup, the second is when this layer of padding comes up to around halfway up the cup and the 3rd level is when the padding ends around 2/3rd of the way up the cup. The higher this layer this padding is up the push up bra is, the smaller the natural breast size it is designed to enhance. 

Confused? Let’s try a fruit bowl analogy. Imagine putting two oranges into a bra cup. They would fill more of the cup and therefore need less padding at the bottom of the cup for it to be pushed up to create the full cleavage look that push up bras are designed to deliver. Now imagine a pair of strawberries sitting in the same push up bra - they are going to need to rest on a higher level of padding to achieve the same fuller cleavage look that the orange had. That’s exactly why smaller chested ladies with AA, A and B cups should look for push up bras with level 2-3 padding at the bottom of the bra cup. 

Push Up Bra Padding Illustrated 

Push up bra padding illustration

  • Level 1 - enough padding to gently lift breasts for a fuller look. This works best for women with full or semi-full breasts.
  • Level 2: - enough padding to give a moderate breast lift and add the appearance of one additional cup size. Best for women with semi-full breasts. 
  • Level 3 - this level of padding is best suited to women with small chests but who want the appearance of larger breasts. This amount of padding can provide enough lift to give the appearance of increasing your cup size by up to two sizes, creating a more voluminous look! 


Choose Your Material 

The material that you choose for your push up bra will have different levels of importance based on where you place comfort, look and feel on your priorities agenda. 

  • Cotton provides breathable comfort 
  • Satin, silk or nylon-covered bras eliminate seam lines through your outfit 
  • Lace gives a luxury look, but will look bobbly under your clothing
  • Consider any allergies or materials that irritate your skin 

The material your bra is made of affects the silhouette that you will have under your clothes and the feel of your bra against your skin. If you don’t mind lacey or mesh designs showing through that’s fine, but if you’re looking for a smoother look, or have sensitive skin that is easily irritated, then try nylon or silk push up bras. Choose your bra material based on your outfit, any allergies, the feel that you prefer against your skin and of course, your budget! 


Look For Side Support

If you can’t find a push up bra in your size that features padding at the front of the cup, look for bras with side support. Bras with additional side support are designed to push your breasts in from the sides which in turn moves them forward to create a fuller-looking chest from the front. 


Complement Your Outfit

Push up bras are all about creating lift and cleavage, so whilst they are an obvious choice for low-cut tops and dresses they are also a great option for everyday work and play outfits too as they come with options that help them complement a wide variety of outfits in your wardrobe. 

  • Try a strapless push up bra for a strapless bodycon dress or top
  • A plunge push up bra is suited for the lowest cut necklines where you want your cleavage front and centre 
  • Multiway or racerback push up bras are perfect for strappy racer camisoles
  • Demi-cup push up bras look great under a t-shirt and give a smoother overall look 


Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra

A strapless push up bra that gives incredible cleavage and stays up as long as you do. Made from smooth microfibre touch material with polycarbonate 'hands' moulded into the cups. the Ultimate Strapless bra is an absolute must-have

  • Ultimate comfort and support
  • Unique hand support inside the cups creates a wonderful cleavage and push up effect



When To Avoid Push Up Bras 

Even if you have a small chest, there are some instances when it might be best to avoid a push up bra. For example, if your breasts are wide-set with a noticeable gap between them, then a push up bra isn’t the best option for your natural shape. Instead, balconies or full cup bras will give the support you need with a pleasing look that can be padded to add volume if needed.

Secondly, if you’re going running or engaging in sport, no matter how small your breasts are, we would always recommend picking a sports bra designed for your shape. The material these bras are made with and the support they’re designed to give will help you to stay cool and protected during the rigours of exercise and let’s face it, cleavage is the last thing on our minds when working out! 


Shock Absorber: Ultimate Run Bra

Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

This brilliant sports bra will keep your breasts supported and comfortable on even the longest of runs Advanced technical features and targeted support construction provide optimum support and comfort, giving you the freedom to focus on your performance.

  • Available in sizes 30A -38G
  • Available in colours Black and White
  • Optimum support and comfort
  • Runs small so look at going up 1 or 2 band sizes


Related Questions 

Can Push Up Bras Be Comfortable? 

If the idea of pushing your breasts up and inwards doesn’t sound like the most comfortable thing in the world, you will be pleasantly surprised on how comfortable a well-fitting push up bra can be. 

When it comes to comfort in the bra department, it’s all about finding a bra that fits you well, regardless of the style of bra that you’re wearing. This means that balcony, multiway, sports, plunge and push up bras can and should, all be just as comfortable as your trusty t-shirt bra when you’re wearing the right size to ensure that the fit is just right. 

Follow the simple tips we shared earlier to find the right fit for your shape and size and your push up bra will give you a lifted, smooth and rounded cleavage whilst staying perfectly comfortable. 


Freya Daisy Lace: Padded Half Cup

The Freya Daisy Lace Padded half cup has contrast detail features stretch geometric lace, with soft foam padded cups which give you a great shape and uplift. This beautiful bra is finished off with a silver ring and slider detail on the straps and a delicate bow and silver triangle detail in the centre.

  • Padded Half Cup
  • Available in cup sizes B-H
  • Available in colours Blush, White and Black
  • Soft foam padded cups for definition and shape
  • Wider shoulder straps and hook and eye provide extra coverage



Are Push Up Bras Only Good For Small Chests? 

Whilst we’ve focused on the boost that a good push up bra can offer for small chests in this article, they’re also an excellent choice for ladies with larger breasts that are looking to enhance their shape too. 

Women commonly choose to wear a push up bra to enhance the look of their cleavage when wearing a v-neck or low-cut outfit. Even if you already have a large chest, a push up bra can still offer enhancing benefits that lift and sculpt what you have, regardless of natural breast size.

Due to the different levels of padding in a push up bra, they’re suitable for both large and small breasts as long as you choose the right level of padding for your cup size. Choose level 1 padding if you are a D cup or larger, level 2 for B-C and level 3 padding if you are an AA-B. Following this guidance means that regardless of your breast size if wearing the right push up bra, you can benefit from the lift and sculpt benefits that a push up bra provides. 


Curvy Kate Superplunge Multiway: Padded Plunge Bra

Curvy Kate Superplunge Multiway Padded Plunge Bra

This push up bra is a great option for our curvier ladies and boasts the added benefit of being a multi-way bra meaning it can be worn in a huge variety of ways. The cups are foam-padded to bring the bust-up and in whilst the plunge shape makes this bra perfect for deep necklines that show off your cleavage. 

  • Available in sizes 28D-40J
  • Available in colours Latte and Black
  • Multiway Straps for different back options
  • Foam Padded cups tailor the fit to bring bust up and in



Putting On Your Push Up Bra

Just like regular bras, if you follow the simple steps below when putting your push up bra on, you will achieve the most comfortable fit and best look available from your bra. 

  • Put your arms through the straps and positing the bra in place over your breasts, but don’t fasten up just yet 
  • Lift and scoop. To make sure your breasts sit comfortably in the bra cups, lean forward, reach into the bra cups one at a time to lift your breasts and scoop them into the bottom of the cup so they sit snugly and fill the space. 
  • Stand up and reach behind you to fasten the bra closure onto the biggest setting that gives the support you need. 
  • Now adjust the shoulder straps so they sit flat on your shoulder without digging in or falling down
  • The final adjustments needed are to stand up straight, ensure the band is running parallel around your back, wires are flat against your skin, straps are in position, breasts are sitting correctly in the cups and that you’re happy with the feel with no bulges over the sides or front of the cups. 



We hope this article has given you lots of inspiration on how to find great-fitting bras if you’ve been frantically googling to find the best push up bra for a small chest. Using the tips shared above, you can achieve a great-looking cleavage that enhances your outfits with the right push up bra, regardless of how small your breasts are.

To find the best push up bra for small chests:

  • Choose a bra with the right level of padding based on your cup size. Choose from levels 1, 2 or 3.
  • Make sure your bra fits you well. Push up bras will achieve a fuller look for small chests by lifting and pushing the breasts inwards, enhancing your natural shape and giving the illusion of a bust size of up to two cup sizes bigger!
  • Choose materials that you like, find comfortable, and work with the outfit you will be wearing the bra under.
  • Consider side support bras to bring your breasts in and forward 
  • Look for push up bras in styles that complement the outfit you’re wearing or the look that you want to achieve. Consider plunge, balcony, multi-way or strapless variations. 

Uplifted Lingerie stocks lots of push up, plunge, and side-support bras suitable for ladies of all sizes, so if you’re ready to stock up your underwear drawer, take a look at some of these brilliant push up bras for all occasions. If you need any further advice on any of our bras please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team by email or the Live Chat option on our website. 

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