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Bra Fitting For Big Breasts

How to find a perfectly fitting bra for large breasts

Written on 01 October 2023

bra fitting for plus size

Bra fitting for plus large breasts follows the same process as standard bra size fittings.


Check you have the correct fit

  • Put on the bra and fasten the hook (loosest when item is brand new and moving to the tightest over time as the material stretches).
  • Loosen the straps.
  • Underwire should sit as far up in the 'breast crease' without touching any breast tissue.
  • Scoop and Swoop - using your opposite hand to reach across, scoop all side breast tissue forward until it is fully encased inside the wiring.
  • Tighten straps until you can just fit 2 fingers underneath them. Do not over tighten your straps to achieve the uplift.
  • If you have one breast that is significantly smaller than the other, make sure you fit your bra to allow for this. Adjust your straps so that the cups sit closely to both breasts with as little bagginess as possible.

For more information, view our fitting guide.


Next, you need to know how to check if your bra fits you correctly using these simple tips to check that the straps, bands, wires and cups of your bra are supporting you in all the right places to ensure a flatting fit. 

Correctly fitting bras should: 

  • Be worn on the loosest hook when new, moving to the smaller settings as the material stretches over time. 
  • Straps should sit nicely on your shoulders without digging in or falling down. Adjust the straps until you can just fit two fingers beneath them and if you have one breast smaller than the other, adjust the straps accordingly to ensure that the cups sit closely to both breasts without any bagginess. 
  • Breasts should fill the cup without any overspill at the front or the side of the cups. 
  • Underwires should sit against the chest wall within the breast crease without digging in or touching the breast tissue itself
  • When putting on your bra, use the scoop and swoop method to ensure your breasts are properly encased inside the wires if applicable. Using your opposite hand to reach across, scoop all of the side breast tissue forward until it is fully encased inside the wiring. 

Choosing the right style bra for your shape

You should also check the style to ensure that you're wearing the right style of bra to suit your breast shape.

Breast type 

Best bra style to suit your shape 

Best for ladies with breasts that are wide set, or have a large gap between them 

Side Support

Best for ladies with a small frame and breasts that sit closely together 

Plunge bra 

Best for full, larger sized breasts

Full cup bras

Best for a shallow bust that is fuller at the bottom than the top

Balcony bras 


shopping for plus size bras

Shopping For Plus Size Bras 

At Uplifted Lingerie we stock a wide variety of bras to fit, suit and flatter a fuller bust from brands that make it their mission to design comfortable and supportive bras for all sizes. Within our collection, you will find bras offering practical features that support breasts of all shapes, available in band sizes 28 - 48 inches and AA cups to L.

Getting The Fit Right 

Wearing the right bra size is important for every woman. If you feel like your bra doesn't fit you properly, then you may be thinking about getting re-fitted for a bra. Below, we’ve shared our simple guide to bra fitting for larger cup sizes, and we have lots of images and videos and further tips in the fitting guide to ensure that you know how to find and fit the best bra to suit and flatter your shape.


signs of a well fitting bra

Signs Of A Well Fitting Bra

Whilst it’s useful to know your bra size before shopping, it’s important to realise that the number and letter on the bra label is just a guide and doesn’t guarantee that every bra in that size will fit you well.

Just like when shopping for clothes, bras of the same size on the label will fit our bodies slightly differently depending on the style of the bra and the brand. This means that instead of focusing solely on bra size itself when lingerie shopping, you should pay more attention to the actual fit of the bra to ensure your breasts are properly supported and you don’t end up with unnecessary back rolls, cup overflow or side spills. 

Armed with the tips below, you will know whether to size up or down in the band or cups, as well as the simple adjustments you can make to the closure and straps to ensure you’re buying bras that make you look and feel fabulous! 


Cups Are Filled But Not Overflowing 

Your breasts should properly fill the cup of your bra without spilling over at the front or the sides. 

If you have a wider rib cage, you may find that you need a larger cup size than you’re expecting to ensure that all of the tissue at the side of your breast and under your armpit is properly covered and supported by your bra. 

If the centre panel between the cups is pulling away from your sternum it could be a sign that you’re wearing a cup size that is too big for you so you should size down, and if you have one breast bigger than the other, which most women do, you should focus on ensuring that the larger breast fills the cup properly. 

Depending on how much bigger one breast is to the other, you can adjust the straps on one side, add a bra cutlet to fill out the smaller side or find a bra with removable padding and remove it from the largest side. 


Straps Support, Not Dig In 

Bra straps do not provide the majority of the support in a bra, that honour falls to the band. Instead, bra straps are supposed to help distribute the weight of your breasts evenly across your back and shoulders, not physically hold your breasts up. Bra straps should therefore be tight enough that they don’t fall off your shoulders but loose enough to fit two fingers beneath them. 

If your bra straps are falling off your shoulders it could be a sign that they need shortening if they have become stretched over time or it could be that your cup size is too big and this is causing them to sit too wide and slip off your shoulder easily. 


Bra Band 

The band of the bra should sit level all the way around your rib-cage without riding up at the back. When fastened on the loosest setting, (the hooks nearest the end of the bra), you should be able to slip two fingers beneath the band. 


Wire fitting 

Underwired bras should be just as comfortable as their non-wired counterparts and you definitely shouldn’t feel the wires in your bra when going about your day. To ensure a wired bra is fitting you properly, adopt the swoop and scoop method when putting your bra on. 

To do this, simply reach into the bra cup and scoop your breast tissue from underneath your armpit so that it sits inside the cup and not below the wire. Underwires, like the name suggests, should sit under your breast tissue against the chest wall within the breast crease, without digging in or touching the breast tissue itself. 

Read our full bra fitting guide here. 


The key to bra fitting for larger cup sizes is to focus on the style and fit of the bra to ensure that you’re wearing underwear that suits your breast shape and enhances your natural shape perfectly.

You Are Wearing The Right Size Bra If

  • Cups are filled without overflow. Use cutlets or removable padding to accommodate different sized breasts. 
  • The underwires are resting against your ribcage and not on top of delicate breast tissue
  • You can comfortably fit two fingers under the band and it is level around your back. 
  • You barely notice the straps 
  • You feel confident and well put together 
  • New bras are worn on the loosest setting 

In this article, we have explained the process of bra fitting for plus size busts, as well as troubleshooting some of the most common issues that women have when finding a bra that fits perfectly. 

If you need any further advice on any of our ranges please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team by email or the Live Chat option on our website. 

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