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Comfortable Bras For Older Women | Free UK Delivery

Written on 05 September 2023

bras for older women

As we age, women often need bras that are more comfortable, supportive and easier to put on than those designed for younger women. On top of that, we must consider our individual lifestyle needs, body type, and overall breast characteristics to ensure the best fit and form for our bras. 

Read on for 10 fantastic bras that are well suited to older women along with some advice on the kinds of problems you may face when choosing bras as you age, along with what type of bra is best for your body shape. 

Top 10 Bras For Older Women


fantasie fusion full cup bra

Fantasie Fusion: Full Cup Bra, From £29.75 (Sale Price)

  • Available in 30D-40FF
  • A three-piece cup for excellent uplift and forward projection, enhancing your natural shape
  • Colours available: Black, Sand, Cinnamon, Navy, Slate, White, Blush 

As we age, the need for a supportive and comfortable bra that doesn’t compromise on style becomes paramount. The Fantasie Fusion, with its side support and wide wiring, addresses the need for great uplift and forward projection, aiding in combating the natural loss of elasticity and firmness. The concealed seams and smooth silhouette make it a versatile choice, ensuring elegance under any piece of clothing.


Royce Joely Non Wired Bra

Royce Joely: Non Wired Bra, From £22.40 (Sale Price)

  • Available in elegant Grey and White,
  • Sizes from 32B-44E.
  • Offers a superb soft feel non-padded cup with pretty lace detailing
  • Post Surgery Friendly

Discover timeless comfort and style with the Royce Joely Bra, a modernised version of the popular Jasmine bra. Designed with the needs of older women in mind, this bra combines a soft feel, and a non-padded cup with delicate lace detailing, ensuring comfortable and graceful wear, perfect for everyday use. As we age, the demand for supportive, comfortable, and gentle-on-skin bras increases. The Royce Joely Bra, with its non-wired design and soft fabric, addresses these needs, providing the essential comfort and support older women seek, while the lace detailing adds a touch of femininity and grace. Whether you're looking for everyday elegance or post-surgery wear, this bra is a versatile and thoughtful choice.



Royce Ferne Front Fastening Bra

Royce Fearne: Front Fastening, From £31.50 (Sale Price)


  • Sizes from 32E-42GG
  • Versatile Grey
  • Features front fastening with hooks and zip, and slightly padded straps for added convenience.

Introducing the Royce Fearne, a new addition to our diverse range of non-wired bras at Uplifted Lingerie. Specifically designed to cater to those often hard-to-find sizes, this front-fastening bra, available in sizes 32E to 42GG, promises a blend of convenience and comfort. The slightly padded front-fastening straps, coupled with an Organic cotton lining, guarantee ease of wear and added comfort, making it a thoughtful choice for older women seeking practicality and comfort in their lingerie.



Fantasie Anoushka Full Cup Bra

Fantasie Anoushka: Full Cup Bra, From £28.70 (Sale Price)

  • Available in elegant Silver and Black
  • Sizes from 30D-42F
  • Wide wiring, wider shoulder straps and hook and eye-closing 

The Fantasie Anoushka full-cup bra is ideal for an older woman who wants to feel a little luxurious with Austrian embroidery and sheer top cups. The thoughtful Apex design and wide-wired underband provide ample support while preventing any discomfort from the underwires. Its three-section cup assures forward projection and full coverage, tailored to offer the support and comfort older women often seek.


Freya Active Sonic Sports Bra

Freya Active: Sonic Sports Bra, From £35.20 (Sale Price)

  • Available in bold Crimson and versatile Black
  • Sizes 28D-40G.
  • Features a wide curvature wire and double lining for a firm, supportive fit, along with built-up padded straps for added comfort.

Enhance your activewear with the best-selling Freya Active Sonic Sports Bra, available at Uplifted. Specially designed for low-impact sports, this high-performance bra offers lightweight, breathable moulded cups to provide optimal support without the extra bulk. Whether you're engaging in yoga or a brisk walk, this sports bra ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The Freya Active Sonic is the epitome of functionality and comfort, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a supportive yet lightweight sports bra. The thoughtful design elements cater to the needs of older women, offering both support and ease, so you can stay active in style and comfort.




Royce Comfi Front Fastening Bra

Royce Comfi-Bra: Front Fastening, From £34

  • Available in Black and Classic White
  • Dual sizes from 34B/C to 44D/DD.
  • Made with Pima Cotton, renowned for its softness and durability. 

Indulge in supreme comfort with our Super-Soft Front Fastening Bra, crafted from high-quality, breathable cotton with a touch of stretch for a perfect fit. Designed with your utmost comfort in mind, this bra not only offers a superb shape but is also easy to wear, featuring front fastening with poppers for convenience. With pure cotton lining pockets, it's a gentle embrace for your skin. This bra is a testament to simplicity and meeting comfort, making it an excellent choice for older women who value ease of wear and a gentle, supportive fit.



Elomi Cate Full Cup Bra

Elomi Cate: Full Cup Bra, From £34.60 (Sale Price)

  • Available in Latte, Black, White, Hazel, and Rosewood
  • Sizes 34E-46HH.
  • Features underwiring, full cup, banding, and side support for forward projection, uplifting and separating.


Unveil elegance and optimal support with the Elomi Cate Underwired Full Cup Bra. Adorned with intricate embroidery of intersecting arcs, this bra boasts a flattened finish to minimise show-through, ensuring a smooth silhouette. With strategically positioned and textured straps, the Cate combats strap slippage, securing a perfect fit. Offering forward projection, uplift, and separation thanks to its side support, this is a must-have addition to your lingerie collection. With its specialised design, the Elomi Cate is particularly suitable for shorter-waisted women, ensuring a flattering and supportive fit.

Royce Blossom Support Bra

Royce Blossom: Support Bra, From £25.20 (Sale Price)

  • Available in chic Black and playful White Spot
  • Dual sizes from 32 C/D/DD to 42G/GG/H.
  • Can be worn as a cosy crop top or adjusted for a stylish plunge neckline.


Introducing the Royce Blossom Support Bra at Uplifted Lingerie, a versatile piece that promises style, comfort, and support! This unique bra doubles as a crop top for relaxed sleepwear and can be adjusted for a plunging neckline, giving you a tailored style to suit your day. Whether you're craving comfort or in need of steadfast support, the Blossom has you covered. 


Royce Eden Organic Front Fastening Bra

Royce Eden: Organic Front Fastening Bra, From £27.20 (Sale Price)

  •  Available in dual sizes 32B/C-44D/DD
  • A versatile Grey Marl.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Crafted from 87% organic cotton, it aligns with sustainability while ensuring softness.

Meet Eden, our premier organic cotton bra, drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Comfi-Bra and marking the inception of our eco-conscious range at Uplifted Lingerie. Specifically designed with older women in mind, Eden features a lined front-fastening zip for smoothness under clothing and skin-friendly comfort. The wide underband and padded straps epitomize the comfort that Royce is renowned for, making Eden an exemplary choice for those seeking a blend of support and ease as they age.




Elomi Kim Plunge Bra

Elomi Kim: Plunge Bra, From £30.80 (Sale Price)

  •  Available in sizes 32GG-46DD,
  • Classic Black and versatile Caramel.
  • Features three-section cups and a powerful stretch top cup for a rounded and supported shape.

Discover the Elomi Kim Plunge Bra, a must-have for those looking for a beautifully rounded shape with excellent support. If a lower gore and a stunning plunge silhouette compliment your shape, the Kim Plunge is an essential addition to your collection. The bra features a powerful stretch top cup and a low centre, offering the coveted plunge look without additional push-ups, making it perfect for women who prefer a natural lift and support.


What Happens To Our Breasts When We Age?

The breasts are composed of fatty tissue, milk ducts, and ligaments. Over time, the amount of fat in the breasts decreases, while connective tissue increases, and this can lead to a loss of breast fullness and firmness. In addition, the skin around the breasts may become less elastic and more prone to sagging as a result of collagen loss.

As a result of weight changes, pregnancy and breastfeeding, to menopause, our breasts undergo a great many changes through the years. Unfortunately, gravity will inevitably one day start to take over. However, this does not mean that you cannot feel comfortable, sexy, and supported... so long as you choose the right bra!

How Do These Changes Affect Bra Shopping?

Many older women find that they need a different type of bra than they did when they were younger. They may need a more comfortable bra that has more support or one that is easier to put on due to a loss of dexterity.

First and foremost, it's important to understand that not all bras are created equal. There are many different styles and types of bras on the market, each designed to serve a specific purpose. For example, some bras are designed to support larger-breasted women, others are meant to be worn during physical activity, some bras bring out your sexy side, and more often than not your favourite bra will be the one you can just throw on in the morning rush.

Your individual wants and needs will affect the type of bra you shop for, so it is important to consider them and try on different styles so that you can find the best bra for you.

What Do Older Women Need From A Bra?

While everyone's individual needs will be different, we often see that older women have similar requirements when it comes to finding the perfect bra. Support and comfort usually come at the top of this list! Feeling confident and secure is the number one priority for a lot of older women.

As well as this, certain health concerns or mobility restrictions will play a huge role in selecting a comfortable bra for older women. For example, if you are suffering from arthritis or back pain, a regular back-fastening bra may prove extremely difficult to put on. Instead, a front fastening bra might work better in this situation and will help you to avoid the awkward twists and turns required to fasten.

When choosing a bra, keeping your individual lifestyle in mind is also important. If you are active and enjoy taking walks or working out, you'll need a different type of bra than someone who spends most of their day sitting at a desk. Different activities require different levels of support, so it's important to select a bra that is appropriate for your level of activity.

The older woman may also value the quality of a bra, looking for long-lasting and durable fabrics that won't have to be replaced every year. You may look for premium materials that offer breathability, and don't leave you breaking out in a sweat or making those menopause hot flushes worse!

Your budget is also a key consideration when selecting a bra. As we all know, there are many high-quality bras on the market, but they can be expensive. If you are on a tight budget, however, there are still options available to you - it is possible to find a well-made bra without breaking the bank.

What Type Of Bra Is Best?

There are many different types of bras on the market, each designed to flatter a specific body type. If you are unsure of what type of bra would suit you best, we recommend visiting a local lingerie store and getting fitted by a professional.

That being said, here is a quick rundown of some of the most popular types of bras for older women:

  • Full cup bras: as the name suggests, these bras provide full coverage of the breasts. They are a great option for full-busted older women who want extra support and modesty.
  • Plunge bras: ideal for low-cut tops and dresses for when you feel like getting dressed up. Plunge bras still provide great support while being sexy at the same time.
  • Side support bras: these bras give you great coverage and support, helping you to feel extra secure. They provide uplift and forward projection, perfect for defying gravity.
  • Sports bras: as we mentioned before, if you are an active older woman then a sports bra is a necessity. These bras minimize breast movement and can help to prevent any pain and discomfort.
  • Front fastening bras: bras that fasten from the front can be a great option for older women who have health or mobility issues, or have lost some dexterity in their hands. These bras are generally a lot easier to put on than regular back-fastening bras.
  • T-shirt bras: perfect everyday bras that provide a smooth and seamless design, making them both comfortable and versatile for older women.

Depending on your specific requirements, all of these bra styles can cater to the needs of older women and offer stylish comfort and support.

The Importance Of Wearing The Correct Bra Size

Wearing the correct bra size is important for every woman, especially as we start to age. An ill-fitted bra can cause a number of problems, such as back pain, headaches, decreased circulation, and even difficulty breathing. If you suffer from health issues, aches and pains, or reduced mobility, the wrong-sized bra can make all of these problems increase tenfold.

It is estimated that 80%, a huge proportion of women, are currently wearing the wrong bra size. Many of us only get measured once without considering it ever again, despite our bodies changing a great deal as we age.

It is therefore important that you get measured by a professional and try on a wide range of bra styles so that you can be sure to get the most comfortable fit for your body.

Let's Go Bra Shopping!

Just because we've gotten a little older does not mean that we can't feel confident and sexy in our own skin - the right bra can help us do just that. Now we have reviewed the best bras for older women, it's time for you to go bra shopping!

You will not have to compromise on style or quality with Uplifted Lingerie - our designs not only give you the support and comfortability you need but also offer beautiful styles made from the highest quality fabrics.


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