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Buying A Bra For Your Girlfriend? Read This First

Written on 26 July 2023

Buying a bra for my girlfriend


The thought of buying a bra for your girlfriend can be daunting, especially if it’s the first time that you’ve purchased lingerie. Rather than Googling ‘buying a bra for my girlfriend’ in a panic, take a deep breath, get yourself comfortable and keep reading. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of choosing the perfect bra for your partner, helping you to earn some major brownie points. 

  1. Size is Crucial:
    • Determine her size by checking her current bras or asking directly.
    • Understand the difference between band (number) and cup sizes (letter).
  2. Consider Style:
    • Note the styles she often wears.
    • Think about her personality and her usual clothing colours.
  3. Matching Sets are a Plus:
    • Choose matching briefs, considering her usual style and comfort.
    • Be aware of sizing differences among brands.
  4. Overcome the Embarrassment:
    • Opt for online shopping for more discretion.
    • Aim for lingerie that boosts her confidence.
  5. Don't Hesitate to Ask for Help:
    • Utilise customer services for guidance.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to ensure she feels beautiful and confident in the chosen lingerie.


How Do You Choose The Right Bra For Your Girlfriend?

So, you’ve decided to take the leap and buy your girlfriend some lingerie. Maybe it’s her birthday or your anniversary, or perhaps you just want to treat her to something she’ll love. 

However, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to picking out a bra for your girlfriend. There are so many sizes, styles and colours of bra – where do you even start? 

Read on to discover how to choose the perfect bra for your girlfriend. 

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1. Size Is Everything

When it comes to buying a bra for your girlfriend, size is the most important thing. If you get the size wrong, it’s likely that she won’t be able to wear the bra, no matter how much she loves it. 

You’ll need to know what size you’re looking for before you begin your search for the perfect bra. No matter how fantastic the sales assistant is, they won’t be able to help you if you don’t know your girlfriend’s size. 

Size is everything 

How To Find Out Your Girlfriend’s Bra Size

Knowing what your girlfriend's bra size is can be a helpful tool, especially if you're planning to surprise her with lingerie. One way is by checking her current bras when you're at her place. Usually, the size is labelled at the back, near the clasps.

Another tactful approach is offering to assist with her laundry. It gives you a chance to glimpse the bra size while also earning brownie points for being helpful! If you're really stuck, you can always just ask her directly. 


How Bra Sizes Work

Both the band and cup size are equally important when you’re buying a bra for your girlfriend, so it’s important to understand how bra size works. The number is the band size, which is your partner’s measurement in inches around her rib cage. 

The letter in bra size is the cup size. This measurement represents the difference between her ribcage diameter and the diameter of her bust. 

The number and letter are put together to create a bra size. It’s important to stick to this size when you’re buying a bra for your girlfriend. If you buy the wrong size, she might not be able to wear the bra and everything you’ve got planned will go to waste. 

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2. Style Matters Too

There are countless styles of bra available and it can be hard to differentiate the balconies from the plunges when you’re new to buying bras. It’s understandable – you’ll probably find that your girlfriend felt exactly the same when she purchased her first bra. 

When you’re rummaging through her underwear drawer, have a look at the styles of bra that she owns. This might include the cut, fabric and styles of bras that she owns. If most of her bras are a plunge style, it’s a good sign that it’s her favourite style of bra, so it’s probably best to stick to plunge bras. 

If you’re still not sure what style of bra to choose, go with your instinct. Think about what she’d feel confident wearing, based on her personality traits.  You could also consider the colour of clothes that she usually opts for to help you to decide on a colour for her new bra.

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3. Matching Sets Will Get You Bonus Points

If you really want to impress, think about buying matching knickers for your girlfriend to unwrap. There’s nothing better than slipping into a matching set of lingerie. 

When it comes to sizes of briefs, different brands size their knickers in different ways. Some brands use dress sizes such as 10 or 14, whilst others categorise their sizes into XS, M or XL. 

It’s a good idea to check your partner’s dress size before you begin shopping by looking at a pair of briefs or even trousers. If you find that your chosen brand categorises by small, medium and large rather than dress sizes, you should be able to find a size guide online or you can ask a sales assistant for advice. 

You’ll also need to think about the style of knickers than your girlfriend usually opts for. Some women love a thong whilst others prefer bikini-style briefs or shorts. It’s a good idea to stick to her usual style when it comes to briefs to make sure that she’s comfortable. 

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There's no need to be embarrassed - Buying a bra for my girlfriend 

4. There’s No Need To Be Embarrassed 

It's natural to feel a bit uneasy when purchasing a bra for your girlfriend for the first time, but there's no reason for any awkwardness.

Online shopping offers a more private and comfortable option for lingerie purchases. You get the luxury to explore various designs without feeling self-conscious, and assistance is just a phone call or email away.

Gifting lingerie can be an exciting experience for both partners. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just men who appreciate their partners in beautiful lingerie; many women adore receiving such intimate gifts.

Always prioritize your girlfriend's comfort and confidence when choosing lingerie. Pick something that aligns with her taste and style, and both of you can cherish the gesture.

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5. Don’t Be Scared To Ask For Help

Buying a bra for your girlfriend can feel daunting, especially if it’s your first time buying lingerie as a gift. The options seem endless and sizing can feel confusing. You’d love someone to guide you through the process but asking for help feels just as daunting as searching for the right bra alone. 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. At Uplifted Lingerie, we are always happy to help. Whether you need advice on sizing or help choosing the perfect style for your girlfriend, we’re happy to offer assistance. 

You can send us an email, give us a call or use our live chat function during business hours. There’s nothing that we love more than helping someone to choose the perfect bra. 

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Related Questions

What Is The Sexiest Bra Colour? 

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to what we find attractive. The sexiest colour bra will depend on the personal tastes of both you and your partner. Some women love black or white lingerie whilst others prefer bright colours. 

Many surveys suggest that black is usually the preferred choice when it comes to the sexiest colour of bra, with red coming a close second. However, the sexiest colour of bra is the one that makes your partner feel confident and sexy – that’s the most important factor when it comes to buying lingerie. 


How Do You Gift Wrap Lingerie? 

You’ve bought your girlfriend the perfect lingerie set, but how do you wrap it up? Bras can be an awkward shape to gift wrap and you want your gift to look perfect. 

The best way to gift wrap lingerie is to wrap the underwear in delicate tissue paper, place it into a gift box and tie it with ribbon. This will make sure that it stays well protected whilst also making it look its best. You could even sprinkle a few rose petals into the box if you really want to be romantic. 


Find The Perfect Bra For Your Girlfriend 

Buying a bra for your girlfriend isn’t always easy, but by following these tips, you can ensure that you choose the perfect bra for your partner. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy the lingerie together or you just want to treat your girlfriend to a gift she’ll love, we can help you to find the right bra for your partner. 

If you’re ready to begin your search for a bra that your partner will love, you can discover our full range of bras here


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