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Must-Have Lingerie Trends of 2023: From Comfy to Couture

Written on 01 January 0001

Must-Have Lingerie Trends of 2023

Lingerie is undoubtedly the unsung hero of your wardrobe. Mostly hidden underneath your everyday clothing, yet holds the power to boost your confidence and make you walk that little bit taller. So, rather than treat your underwear as an afterthought, why not make your undies the star of the show this year? 

Read on for our latest scoop on the lingerie trends that will shape your 2023 - stand by, because your bra and knicker drawer is about to get a whole lot more interesting! 

Lingerie Trends for 2023 

  • Colour & Texture: The Cute Side of Dopamine Dressing 
  • Comfortable Underwiring: Bridging Fashion and Function 
  • Pretty Styles That Say: "Hey, Look at Me!" 
  • Lingerie Shows: The Catwalk Underneath 
  • Loungewear Ideas: Goodbye Sweatpants, Hello Comfort Chic! 
  • Underwear as Outerwear: The Most Revealing Trend Yet 
  • Sustainability: Good for You, Better for the Earth

At Uplifted Lingerie, we stock a wide range of fun, flirty, sporty, luxury and shape-enhancing bras, lingerie and knickers to suit a wide variety of outfit styles, curves and body types. Ready to top up your trendy lingerie stash? 

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Colour & Texture: The Cute Side of Dopamine Dressing

The world has gone Barbie mad and it looks like the hot pink Barbiecore trend is here to stay! This welcome mood booster is all about embracing vibrant hues, but why stop at hot pink? This year, designers are throwing caution to the wind, adding a bright pallet to their collections to move us away from the traditional whites, blacks and nudes that so often take over our lingerie drawers. 

On the subject of dopamine dressing, don’t underestimate the power of textures too. If you want to elevate your lingerie game, designs featuring lace, silk and tencel mean your underwear is super soft against the skin and would give cashmere a run for its money. Look out for textured collections at Uplifted Lingerie to start feeling super sleek as you go about your day. 

Freya Offbeat: Plunge Bra

Freya Offbeat Plunge Bra

Freya Offbear plunge bra, From £30 

  • Available in sizes 28D-38G
  • Available in colours rosehip, lemon fizz, macaron 
  • Gated back 

Meet the Freya Offbeat Plunge Bra, a fusion of comfort and cute colourful style, now in irresistible shades of 'Lemon Fizz,' 'Rosehip,' and 'Macaron’ - they look as great as they sound! This bra features a stunning plunge neckline and a gated back for that extra flair. Accentuated by contrasting floral stretch material, it's your go-to for both support, fun and a dash of whimsy - a true showstopper that takes 'Colour and texture' to a whole new level.


Comfortable Underwiring: Bridging Fashion and Function

Wireless loungewear had its moment during the slouchy days of lockdowns, but let's face it—some of us miss the old-world charm and hold of wired bras. Especially now that we've ditched our sweatpants and reintegrated into, you know, society. Our collection of wired bras is designed to blend comfort and style seamlessly. From everyday wear to stylish evenings, there is a whole selection of wired bras that have got your back (and front!)

Fantasie Illusion: Side Support Bra

Fantasie Illusion Side Support Bra

Fantasie Illusion Bra, From £28 (sale price) 

  • Available in sizes 30D-42G
  • Available in colours black, white, natural beige, emerald, berry, navy 
  • Wide Wired for additional comfort and support

The Fantasie Illusion Underwired Side Support Bra is perfect for everyday luxury that masterfully bridges fashion and function. Crafted with soft-touch fabrics and a wide wire, this bra gives you a smooth finish under clothing and all-day comfort. 

But don't let its softness fool you; this underwired wonder is engineered for high performance. Featuring wide wires for extra comfort and a three-piece cup with side support, it offers exceptional uplift and forward projection tailored for all bust types. With centre-pull straps to prevent slippage and a padded hook and eye closure, it's the ultimate blend of comfort and chic. 


Pretty Styles That Say: "Hey, Look at Me!"

You don't have to keep your lingerie a secret anymore. The bras are coming out from under the shadows and taking centre stage in full limelight. Bralettes and bodies are not just to be worn but to be shown—under blazers, unbuttoned shirts, and just about any outerwear you fancy. After all, if you're strutting in eye-catching lingerie, it would be a fashion crime to keep it under wraps.

Goddess Keira

Goddess Keira

Goddess Kiera, From £38

  • Available in sizes 34G to 46H
  • Available in colours black, white, natural beige, emerald, berry, navy 
  • Wide Wired for additional comfort and support

Feast your eyes on the Keira Full Cup Bra from the Goddess range, a masterpiece in both style and function that practically shouts, "Hey, look at me!" This isn't your run-of-the-mill bra; it's a declaration of flair and comfort. Its three-section cup with side support doesn't just offer robust support and shape but elevates your style with a sheer top cup and an inviting V-neck plunge that's as flattering as it is flirty. 

Let's not forget the limited-stretch straps and adjustable hook-and-eye closure that ensure a custom, comfy fit. With plenty of colours to choose from, you can make a pretty powerful statement every day of the week! 


Lingerie Shows: The Catwalk Underneath

If icons of high fashion like Fendi and Bally are putting bras and lingerie sets centre stage, it's high time we acknowledge that lingerie isn't just an undergarment—it's high fashion hidden in plain sight. Imagine slipping into a matching set so exquisite, it feels like it just strutted off the runway at Milan Fashion Week. 

That's the power of good lingerie. It gives you a confidence boost and the feeling that you're not just walking to work, you're sashaying your way through the day. Elevate your wardrobe with gorgeous designs like the secret garden print from Fantasie, that wouldn't be out of place in the front rows of fashion month.

Fantasie Adelle: Side Support

Fantasie Adelle Blossom

Fantasie Adelle: Side Support, From £19 (sale price) 

  • Available in sizes 30D-40FF
  • Available in colours  black, natural, white, blossom  
  • 50% recycled fabric in top cups

Step into the spotlight with the blossom version of Adelle. Not only is this bra stunningly beautiful with its gorgeous print featuring delicate floral accents, but it's also an eco-chic masterpiece—boasting a generous 50% recycled fabric in the top cups. 

But beauty and sustainability aren't the only stars of the show here; the Adelle offers unparalleled comfort and support with its three-piece cups and side support. With wide wiring and lined top cups for bigger sizes, you get that extra cushion and assurance you need.

Designed for great uplift and forward projection, it transforms you into the epitome of catwalk-worthy glam. Available in sizes 30D-40FF and in sleek shades of Black, Natural, and White in addition to blossom, the Adelle is a must-try, must-love, must-show-off piece for 2023.


Loungewear Ideas: Goodbye Sweatpants, Hello Comfort Chic!

If you’re still in loungewear mode, comfortable doesn't have to mean dowdy, especially when it comes to underwear. From Tencel seamless bralettes to brief sets, comfort can be as fashionable as you want it to be. Invest in loungewear-inspired lingerie from Uplifted Lingerie, and you'll be wondering why you didn't make the switch sooner.

Royce Blossom: Support Bra

Royce Blossom: Support Bra

Royce Blossom Support Bra, From £25.20 (sale price) 

  • Available in dual sizes 32 C/D/DD-42G/GG/H
  • Available in Black and white spot

The Royce Blossom Support Bra not only offers a choice of necklines, but it is also ideal if you are looking for a comfortable and supportive bra that doesn’t quite fit ‘loungewear’ and doesn’t come with wires. 

This bra offers exceptional softness and gentle support and is made from high-quality materials. The breathable fabric keeps you cool and the wireless design means you can avoid the discomfort of underwires whilst you relax and lounge around. 

One of the best things about this bra is that it can also be worn as a crop top meaning it's both perfect to sleep in, relax, or wear ruched down for a plunging neckline to give you a different style during the day!


Underwear as Outerwear: The Most Revealing Trend Yet

The boundary between lingerie and everyday clothing is thinning each year, and it’s now socially acceptable to make that bold statement. Priya Downes sums it up perfectly, “Underwear as outerwear is really empowering.” Take that to heart. You can easily incorporate your sexy bralettes and bodies into everyday looks without raising an eyebrow.

Cleo Lyzy: Triangle Bra

Cleo Lyzy Triangle Bra

Cleo Lyzy: Triangle Bra, From £27 

  • Available in sizes 28D-38H
  • Non wired Bralette Triangle Bra

Meet the Cleo Lyzy Non-Wired Triangle Bra: where comfort meets fashion-forward allure, in the most revealing way! This isn't just a bra; it's an essential piece of your outerwear ensemble. With its eye-catching solid black graphic lace and contrast nude liner, this beauty is designed to be seen, not hidden. The wide sports under-band adds a contemporary edge.

Consider pairing it with a high-waisted skirt and blazer for an edgy office look, or let it peek seductively from beneath an open-knit sweater for a casual day out. The Lyzy offers soft support and projection without the constraints of wires, marrying comfort and style in one swoop. Available in sizes 28D-38H, this versatile piece is this season's ultimate trendsetter in the realm of 'underwear as outerwear.' So go ahead, reveal a little more.


Sustainability: Good for You, Better for the Earth

Let's be real—the fast-fashion culture has been guilty of flooding landfills with unwanted garments. But there's good news. Lingerie bras are fully on board with sustainable practices that are bringing in the lingerie revolution with recycled yarns and eco-friendly packaging. Don’t forget about the ‘Bra-Cycle’ program, designed to give your old bras a new lease on life rather than tossing them into a landfill.

Royce Fearne Is Made With Organic Cotton

Royce Fearne Is Made With Organic Cotton

Royce Fearne Organic Front Fastening Bra, From £45

  • Available in sizes 32E-42GG
  • Available in the colour Grey

The Royce Fearne Front Fastening Bra is a great addition to your ethical underwear collection. Crafted with a commitment to sustainability, it’s made from organic cotton and delivers both style and comfort.

This bra feels soft and gentle feel against your skin and gives feel-good vibes knowing that it eco-friendly choice for your underwear drawer. The front fastening feature adds convenience to your daily routine and the wide size range from 32E to 42GG, means that the Royce Fearne Front Fastening Bra caters to those seeking front fastening bras in harder-to-find sizes.



So, whether you’re in the mood to spice up your lingerie collection or are looking for wearable art to add to your daily ensemble, 2023 is shaping up to be a banner year. It’s not just about what's underneath but also about how what's underneath makes you feel—radiant, empowered, and ready for anything.

The trends are bolder, the options are more diverse, and the commitment to sustainability is stronger than ever. Keep an eye out for these ethical products and collections from Uplifted Lingerie to truly make these trends your own.

Need a hand finding the perfect bra size? 

Take a look at our guide to how bra sizing really works here. 

From embracing the cute side of dopamine dressing with vibrant colour & texture to finding the sweet spot between fashion and function in comfortable underwiring, this year is setting the stage for a lingerie revolution in your wardrobe, head over to our online store to find the trends you love the most!

FAQs about Lingerie Trends 2023

What's the Big Deal with Colour & Texture in 2023 Lingerie Trends?

Colour and texture have become a pivotal part of this year's lingerie landscape, moving beyond mere aesthetics to enhance your mood and confidence. From dopamine-boosting shades like hot pink and Burnt Orange to textured fabrics like Monogram Mesh, 2023 promises a sensory experience like no other.

Is Wired Lingerie Making a Comeback?

Absolutely! Wired lingerie is back, but not as you knew it. The 2023 trends focus on bridging comfort and high-end fashion, so you'll feel as fabulous as you look. Whether it's the premium materials or ergonomic designs, wired bras are all about making you feel runway-ready.

Can I Really Wear Lingerie as Outerwear?

You sure can! One of the most talked-about trends this year is underwear as outerwear. Lingerie is stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight, appearing under blazers or as the focus of an outfit. It's not just a style statement but an empowering choice that screams confidence.

How Can I Be Sustainable While Indulging in High-End Lingerie?

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it's a lifestyle choice, especially when it comes to lingerie. Many brands, like some of the ones stocked at Uplifted Lingerie, are offering options made from recycled yarns, ethical manufacturing practices, and even bra recycling programs. You can now embrace luxury without compromising on your values.

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