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What Is The Best Bra For My Breast Shape

Written on 20 October 2023

What Is The Besat Bra For My Breast Shape

What Is The Best Bra For My Breast Shape? Selecting the right bra is not just about size; it’s also about finding the perfect style that suits your breast shape. Understanding the variety of bra styles available and recognising the distinctive characteristics of different breast shapes are essential steps in this process. 

  • Identify Your Breast Shape: Start by determining whether your breasts are Asymmetrical, Athletic, Bell Shaped, East/West, Relaxed, Round, Side Set, or Slender.
  • Explore Bra Types: Delve into the world of bra styles, from Balcony and Bralette to Surgery and Push Up Bras, Maternity, Wide Wired, Moulded, and Side Support Bras.
  • Consider Special Requirements: Whether you’re expecting a baby or have undergone surgery, explore bras tailored to your specific needs.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re on your way to discovering the best bra that not only fits your size but also complements your shape meaning you can enjoy enhanced comfort, better support, and a flattering appearance, which all contribute to boosting your confidence and good mood vibes. 

Read on for an overview of how different breast shapes pair with various bra styles. 

Find the Ideal Bra for Your Unique Shape

At Uplifted Lingerie, we offer a wide variety of bras that cater to every shape and size up to L cup. Our extensive collection features renowned brands such as Elomi, Fantasie, Freya, and Panache, ensuring quality and style in every piece. With our expert advice and a passion for a perfect fit, we are here to guide you in finding that ideal addition to your wardrobe. 

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Understanding Different Breast Shapes

Every woman is unique, and so is the shape of her breasts, but there are some easy ways to group breast shapes by the way they look and sit on your chest. Recognising your breast shape can significantly influence the type of bra that will provide you with the best support and comfort, so let’s explore the characteristics of different breast shapes to help you identify yours:

Asymmetrical Breasts

Asymmetrical breasts are quite common, with one breast being slightly larger than the other. This difference can be subtle or more noticeable, but the right bra can help create a balanced appearance.

Athletic Breasts

Athletic breasts are wider, more muscular, and have less tissue. A bra that offers good coverage and support can enhance the natural shape of athletic breasts.

Bell Shape Breasts

Bell-shaped breasts are fuller at the bottom and slimmer at the top, resembling a bell. A supportive bra with a good lift can help to create a more rounded appearance.

East/West Breasts

If your nipples point outward in opposite directions, you have East/West breasts. A T-shirt bra or a push-up bra can help bring the breasts closer together for a more centred look.

Relaxed Breasts

Relaxed breasts have looser tissue and nipples pointing downwards. A lift is often desirable for this breast shape, so look for bras with strong support and uplifting features.

Round Breasts

Round breasts are equally full at the top and the bottom. Women with round breasts are fortunate as most bra types suit this shape, providing various style options.

Side Set Breasts

Side-set breasts have a wider space between them. A bra with a centred gore can help bring the breasts together and create a more cohesive appearance.

Slender Breasts

Slender breasts are narrow and long, with nipples pointing downwards. A plunge or push-up bra can offer lift and create the illusion of fuller breasts. Find out more: What is a plunge bra?. 

Exploring Different Types of Bras 

Selecting the right bra involves not just knowing your breast shape but also understanding the various bra types and what they offer. Here is a quick overview of some common types of bra to help you to find the one that complements your natural shape the best:

Balcony Bras

Balcony bras have wide-set straps and a horizontal cup cut, creating a balcony-like effect. They offer less coverage but excellent uplift, making them ideal for round and bell-shaped breasts seeking a natural lift and enhancement.

Fantasie Smoothing: Non-padded seamless Balcony Bra

Fantasie Smoothing Non-padded seamless Balcony Bra

Fantasie Smoothing Seamless Balcony Bra, From £24.80 (sale price)

  • Type: Non-padded, underwired balcony bra
  • Sizing: Available in sizes 34C-40F
  • Colour Options: Choose from classic black, white, or nude
  • Fastening: Secure with a 2-hook and eye closure on all sizes
  • Styles: Balcony, Moulded, Underwired, T-shirt, Seam Free, Non-Padded
  • Ideal for: Everyday wear, providing a smooth and supportive fit

Introducing the Fantasie Smoothing Balcony Bra FL4520 – your ultimate companion for shape and support! Crafted to be seamless and non-padded, this bra is your go-to T-shirt bra, ensuring a smooth look under any outfit. Made with a softer finish simplex, the cups offer a firm yet comfortable fit, making them a staple for everyday wear for bell-shaped and rounded breasts. 

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Bralettes are lightweight and wire-free, prioritising comfort. They are versatile and suit a variety of breast shapes, particularly athletic and slender breasts, providing a relaxed fit without compromising style.

Surgery Bras

Designed for post-surgery recovery, these bras offer enhanced support and comfort. They are a great choice for women who have undergone breast surgeries, ensuring a secure fit while accommodating swelling and sensitivity.

Royce Silver: Post-Surgery Bra-Front Fastening

Royce Silver Post-Surgery Bra-Front Fastening

Royce Silver: Post Surgery Bra-Front Fastening, From £40

  • Type: Post Surgery Bra
  • Sizing: Available in dual sizes 32B/C - 40D/DD
  • Colour: Available in a versatile skin shade
  • Unique Qualities: Anti-bacterial, Anti-odour, and Thermo-regulating with permanent features that won’t wash or wear
  • Material: 100% natural and safe
  • Special Design: Front fastening, easy-opening cushioned poppers, and adjustable straps

Infused with X-Static silver fibres, this bra is not only anti-bacterial and anti-odour but also thermo-regulating, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Designed with your needs in mind, this bra features drop cup straps with touch-close fastening for easy access to surgery areas and convenient adjustment. The front fastening with cushioned poppers offers added ease, while the double-layered cups provide extra support and can be used as a pocket if required.

This bra is particularly suitable for women with breast shapes that have undergone surgery, ensuring a secure and tailored fit. It qualifies for VAT exemption – simply email [email protected] after placing your order, and we’ll guide you through the short form to complete the process.

Push Up Bras

Push-up bras lift the breasts upwards and closer together, creating cleavage. They are an excellent option for East/West and relaxed breasts, adding volume and enhancing the silhouette.

Elomi Matilda: Plunge Bra

Elomi Matilda Plunge Bra

Elomi Matilda: Plunge Bra, From £35.20 (sale price) 

  • Sizes: Available in 32GG-46DD
  • Colours: Choose from Black, Cafe Au Lait, White, and Rose
  • Design: Low centre front for a natural plunge and three-section cups plus side panel for forward shape, uplift, and separation
  • Special Feature: Movable J hook fastening for conversion to a racer back

The Elomi Matilda Plunge Bra offers a fusion of functionality, style, and comfort. This bra features a flexible back sweep construction, making the adjustment to a racer back effortless. The low centre front offers a flattering plunge without unnecessary push-ups, highlighting the natural beauty of your silhouette.

This bra is especially ideal for women with fuller and round breast shapes, as it offers excellent uplift and forward shape, ensuring you feel secure and supported throughout the day. The elasticated neck edge moulds seamlessly to your shape, providing an effortless fit and enhancing your natural curves.

Maternity Bras

Maternity bras are designed to accommodate the changing breast size during pregnancy. They provide extra support and comfort, making them essential for expectant mothers seeking ease and adjustability.

Wide Wired Bras

Wide-wired bras have a broader underwire, offering enhanced support and distribution of breast tissue. They are suitable for side-set and larger breasts, ensuring stability and comfort throughout the day.

Moulded Bras

Moulded bras have seamless, pre-shaped cups that maintain their form. They offer a smooth silhouette and are versatile, making them a good choice for most breast shapes, especially for those seeking a discreet appearance under clothing.

Side Support Bras

Side support bras feature additional panels on the sides of the cups to centre the breast tissue. They are beneficial for side-set and East/West breasts, bringing them forward for a more rounded look.

Fantasie Illusion: Side Support Bra

Fantasie Illusion Side Support Bra

Fantasie Illusion: Side Support Bra, From £28 (sale price)

  • Sizes: Available in 30D-42G
  • Colours: Options include Black, White, and Natural Beige
  • Comfort: Wide Wired design for additional support and comfort, paired with padded Hook and Eye
  • Design: Three-piece cup with side support offers great uplift and forward projection
  • Detail: Adorned with a delicate ribbon at the centre front for a touch of elegance
  • Adjustability: Centre Pull straps to prevent slippage and ensure a perfect fit

Discover everyday comfort and support with the Fantasie Illusion Underwired Side Support Bra. Designed with your daily needs in mind, this affordable bra features soft-touch fabrics and a seamless finish under clothing, ensuring a smooth silhouette for all outfits.

The integral elastics maintain optimal stretch, making this bra exceptionally suitable for various bust types, including Round, Side Set, and Relaxed breast shapes. The uplift and forward projection provided by the three-piece cup with side support enhances your natural shape, boosting your confidence every day. 

Expert Recommendations for Every Shape

Finding the perfect bra can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle but with expert guidance and plenty of options to choose from, your underwear drawer can be filled with a whole range of fabulously fitting bras. 

Our extensive collection is curated with care, featuring renowned brands like Elomi, Fantasie, Freya, and Panache, ensuring every woman finds her perfect fit, irrespective of shape or size. From Asymmetrical to Slender breasts and whether you need Balcony Bras or Side Support Bras, our range caters to every requirement and preference. 

If you find yourself struggling to get the right size or fit, our fitting guide can help address common fitting issues, offer solutions, and provide tips on measuring yourself accurately for the best possible fit. 

How Often Should I Measure My Bra Size?

How Often Should I Measure My Bra Size

It's essential to measure your bra size regularly as our bodies change due to factors like weight fluctuation, age, and hormonal shifts. We recommend measuring every six months or if you notice changes such as discomfort, the bra band riding up, or the straps digging into your shoulders. Regular measurements ensure that you maintain comfort and support, promoting overall breast health.

Can I Wear the Same Bra Style for Different Occasions?

While it’s possible to wear the same bra style for various occasions, having a diverse bra wardrobe can enhance comfort and appropriateness for different outfits and activities. For instance, a push-up bra might be suitable for a night out, while a sports bra is ideal for athletic activities. Exploring different styles allows you to enjoy the benefits of each, ensuring you’re always well-supported and comfortable.

How Does the Bra Material Impact the Fit and Comfort?

How Does the Bra Material Impact the Fit and Comfort

The material of a bra plays a crucial role in determining its fit and comfort. Fabrics like cotton are breathable and suitable for everyday wear, while lace adds a touch of luxury but might not offer the same level of support. It’s vital to consider the material, especially for those with sensitive skin, to prevent irritation and ensure a comfortable fit throughout the day.

Are There Bras Available for Asymmetrical Breast Adjustment?

Absolutely, there are bras specifically designed to accommodate asymmetrical breasts. Features like removable padding or adjustable straps can help in customising the fit for each breast, ensuring balance and support. At Uplifted Lingerie, we offer a variety of bras with these adjustable features to help you achieve a symmetrical and comfortable fit.


To recap, when asking what is the best bra for my breast shape, it’s important that you remember that the perfect bra is not just about size; it’s about finding the right balance between style, comfort, and support. Getting those elements right means you will have to understand what shape your breasts are and which bras offer features to make them look and feel their best. 

Whether it’s opting for balcony bras to complement bell-shaped breasts, or seeking supportive maternity bras, making the right choice significantly enhances your comfort, appearance, and confidence.

With the extensive collection and expert advice available at Uplifted Lingerie, we are confident you will find a great new bra! Take a look at our store here.

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