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What Is Plunge Bra?

Written on 28 April 2024

What is a plunge bra

A plunge bra is a style of bra that's designed to offer a more revealing look whilst still providing the support and coverage needed.  Characterised by the cut of its cups which have a deep plunge to a low centre wire that creates a deep neckline, they're perfect for when you want to show a little more cleavage. This makes them the ideal bra for wearing under low-cut clothing, without compromising on comfort or support.


Popular Plunge Bra Options

Plunge bras are a popular choice, both for special occasions and for everyday wear. But how do you know which plunge bra is right for you? To help you to make your decision, we’ve put together a few of our favourite plunge bras from the Uplifted Store. 

Freya Cameo Moulded Plunge Bra

Freya Cameo moulded plunge bra

With light moulded padding, the Freya Cameo moulded plunge bra is perfect for those looking for a smooth silhouette under even the closest-fitting outfits. It also has a low centre front, allowing it to be worn under outfits with low and plunging necklines, whilst remaining invisible. And it doesn’t compromise on style either, with a modern striped design that gives the bra a contemporary appearance.

The Freya Cameo moulded plunge bra is available in sizes 28D – 38G, making it a great option for a wide range of sizes. It’s also available in both nude and black, giving this bra further versatility when it comes to hiding seamlessly underneath your party outfit.

Shop the Freya Cameo here


Fantasie Anoushka Side Support Plunge Bra

Fantasie Anoushka

If you’re looking for elegance and allure, the Fantasie Anoushka side support plunge bra could be exactly what you’re looking for. With beautiful Austrian embroidery and a cut-out centre, this gorgeous plunge bra is guaranteed to leave you feeling confident and self-assured.

But appearance isn’t enough when it comes to a bra – it has to be supportive and comfortable too. Luckily, the Fantasie Anoushka ticks every box, with fantastic side support and a wide wired design for added comfort. This really is a bra that you can wear all day long, without compromising on comfort, support or style.

Shop the Fantasie Anoushka plunge bra here.


Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge

Wonderbra Ultimate

When a standard plunge bra isn’t enough, only the ultimate will suffice. That’s where the Wonderbra Ultimate comes in. With one of the deepest plunging necklines on the market, this plunge bra goes above and beyond, making it ideal for wear under even the lowest of necklines.

Not only that, but this bra features Wonderbra’s unique hand technology, to provide you with outstanding support, all day (or night) long. Available in black and nude, this really is a bra for every occasion.

Shop the Wonderbra Ultimate plunge bra here


When to Wear a Plunge Bra?

Plunge bras are an excellent choice for low-necklines, such as those found in wrap dresses or low-cut v-neck tops. They provide the necessary support and coverage while ensuring your bra remains hidden. You can also purchase strapless or bare-shoulder style bras with a plunge that are perfect for providing support in outfits where your shoulders are on show and you have a low neckline but still need breast support.  

Key Features of a Plunge Bra

Plunge bras are defined by their low-cut deep neckline that descends to the centre of the cups. These bras tend to draw the breasts together more and natural fuller look. These bras can come with or without any padding. So, they are a bra that can be a little more revealing than most, as the name suggests. They don't compromise on support though. Note that the underwire is usually shorter, which some feel is more comfortable.

  • Low Center Wire: The cups of a plunge bra plunge to a low centre wire, allowing for a more revealing neckline.
  • Side and Top Coverage: Despite the low centre wire, plunge bras still provide coverage and support at the sides and top corners of the cups, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Varieties: Plunge bras can come in different styles, such as moulded or soft cups, wired or non-wired, and lacy or everyday designs.
  • Plunge Depth: The level of plunge can vary, ranging from a deep plunge with little to no rise in the centre wire to a U-plunge that plunges below the underbust for the deepest neckline.

Plunge bras are a go-to choice for many, not just for their stylish look but also for the solid support they provide. So, how can you spot a plunge bra? Keep an eye out for its low centre cut and angled cups, which set it apart from the straight cups you find in full cup or balcony bras. These features let you flaunt more of your cleavage while still ensuring your breasts are well-supported. You'll also find that the straps are set a bit wider, as they connect to the edge of the cups.

The design of a plunge bra gives your breasts a rounded appearance and a nice lift. Because they're cut lower at the front, they're the perfect companion for low-cut tops, letting you show off your cleavage without revealing your bra.

View our full range of plunge bras here

Benefits Of A Plunge Bra 

There are many different styles of bra, each with its own features, benefits and uses. The plunge bra is one of the most popular styles, thanks to the outstanding support that it offers and its ability to disappear under lower necklines. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a plunge bra.

  • Support: If you’ve been blessed with larger breasts, support will be a critical factor when you’re choosing a bra. Luckily, plunge bras provide a high level of support, even for larger breasts, leaving you feeling comfortable and supported all day long.
  • Lift: Plunge bras are ideal if you’re looking for lift and projection, without losing that classic rounded shape. The low V neckline will frame your curves perfectly, giving you the shape that you’ve always craved.
  • Subtlety: If you enjoy wearing outfits with lower necklines, a plunge bra is ideal. Plunge bras have angled cups, along with a low centre gore, enabling this type of bra to disappear seamlessly under almost any outfit and yet not create any gapping or spilling. So, you won’t have to worry about taping your clothes anymore and yet have great fitting cup support. 
  • Comfort: Plunge bras prioritise comfort, especially for anyone that finds the high-rise underwires of balcony bras uncomfortable. With a low centre wire, plunge bras put comfort first, offering you support that you can wear all day, without worrying about wires digging in.

How Do You Wear A Plunge Bra?

The plunge style is a very versatile bra that will work well with a wide range of outfits. This means that you will be able to wear your plunge bra under just about anything in your wardrobe. They can go under simple T-shirts, nights out or even date nights. If it makes you feel amazing – that’s what counts!

However, arguably the best use for a plunge bra is underneath an outfit with a lower neckline, such as beneath a lower cut top or dress. This is thanks to the low centre gore, deep plunging V neckline and wide-set straps, which enable this bra to disappear beneath your clothing.

This type of bra is versatile and is suitable for wearing underneath just about any outfit, thanks to the amazing shape and uplift that it provides. This means that whatever your outfit choice, your natural curves will be enhanced, leaving you feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

For tight fitted clothing, you’ll find seamless styles of plunge bra such as the Freya Deco moulded padded plunge bra are perfect, as they disappear beneath even the most figure-hugging of outfits. This will leave you able to enjoy your night, without worrying about your bra being visible.

Many women select the plunge bra as their go-to everyday style, particularly if they find that the low centre wires are more comfortable than with other styles of bra, such as the balcony bra. Whether you choose to wear a plunge bra every day of the week, or to save it for that special occasion, it’s a versatile choice of bra to keep in your wardrobe.


What Is The Difference Between Balcony And Plunge Bras?

Balcony and plunge and two of the most common styles of bra but are often confused for each other. 

Balcony bras are one of the most common choices amongst those of us blessed with larger breasts, thanks to the impressive support that they offer. Not only that, but they provide excellent forward projection along with outstanding uplift, creating a perfect rounded shape. The straps are wide-set, whilst the neckline is relatively square.

In contrast, the neckline of a plunge bra is a deep V, making it ideal for wearing under lower cut outfits. This makes a plunge bra more revealing than a balcony bra, as more of your cleavage is visible. In comparison to the straight cups of a balcony bra, a plunge bra has angled cups, bringing your cleavage together whilst providing uplift.

The choice between balcony vs plunge bras is completely personal. Whilst some women swear by balcony bras as their everyday style, others will reach for a plunge bra on a daily basis. Others may vary the style of bra that they choose based on their outfit choice. There really is no right or wrong answer – the most important thing is that you feel both comfortable and confident in your bra of choice.


Is A Push Up Bra And A Plunge Bra The Same Thing?

Many people wonder whether a push up bra and a plunge bra are the same thing, but there are some key differences to note. 

Push up bras include extra padding which lifts the breasts up, giving the appearance of fuller breasts. This is a popular style of bra amongst those with smaller breasts, as well as in teenagers. Plunge bras do not typically have this extra padding, although there are some plunge bras on the market that are available in a push up style, with added padding.

It’s important to note that there are also some similarities between push up bras and plunge bras. Both of these types of bras feature closely fitting wires. These wires gently push the breasts towards the centre of your chest, giving your breasts a fuller appearance. You’ll also notice that the shape of these styles of bras is similar, with both types of bras featuring a deep plunging neckline. This makes both of these styles of bras suitable for wearing beneath lower-cut necklines.

Both plunge bras and push up bras aim to enhance your natural cleavage, giving a sexy but natural look. The difference lies in the amount of padding that the bra offers, with push up bras providing added padding when compared to a standard plunge bra.


Are Plunge Bras Padded?

Plunge bras can come in padded or unpadded styles.  Whilst some plunge bras such as the Fantasie Savannah offer padding, there are also non-padded plunge bras available such as the Elomi Matilda. This makes the plunge bra a versatile style, with options available to suit all tastes and personal preferences.  

Are Plunge Bras Good For Small Breasts?

If you’re looking to enhance your natural cleavage, a plunge bra is a great option. The angled cups give a deep plunging neckline, whilst the closely fitted wires gently push your breasts inwards, giving the appearance of a fuller bust. Not only that, but this style offers great uplift and projection, giving your breasts a perfectly rounded shape for a curvy silhouette. This makes plunge bras a popular choice amongst those blessed with smaller breasts.

Ready To Take The Plunge?

Whether you're looking for a revealing yet supportive style for a special occasion or seeking a comfortable everyday option, a plunge bra can be an excellent choice. With its low centre wire and ample side and top coverage, it offers the perfect balance between support and a flattering neckline. We stock a wide range of plunge bras from popular brands such as Freya, Elomi, Fantasie, Curvy Kate, Royce, Wonderbra and Cleo, in sizes ranging from 28D to 46HH. We’re always happy to help if you need advice on the perfect style for your shape, or a helping hand when it comes to finding the right size.


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