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Best Bra For Side Support And Lift

Written on 01 October 2023

best bra for side support and lift

It’s not always easy to find a bra that provides you with just the right amount of side support and lift. You want a bra that fully supports your bust without causing any discomfort. After all, your bra needs to be comfortable enough for all-day wear. So, what is the best bra for side support and lift?

In this article, we’ll take a look at exactly what it is that gives a bra good side support and lift, as well as showcasing some of our favourite bras when it comes to side support and lift.

Luckily, there are a wide range of side support bras on the market that also provide great lift. The best boob brands include Fantasie Illusion, Panache Tango, and Freya Starlight. 

What Does A Side Support Bra Do?

As the name suggests, a side support bra provides additional support from the side of your breasts. They usually do this by having a strengthened side panel which pushes your breast tissue forwards. This means that your breast tissue will be pushed forwards, making your bust narrower and more projected.

There are two different ways in which this type of bra can provide side support. Some bras may choose one method or the other, whilst others may combine both techniques.

How do the bras offer side support?

The first method is through a side sling. This is a simple piece of fabric that is sewn into the outer edge of the cup and runs from the base right up to where the strap meets the cup. You might find this inside the cup of the bra, or on the outside of the cup as part of the decoration.

The other way in which a side support bra can provide that all-important additional support is through a side panel. This is a narrow panel of fabric that will be part of the cup itself, joined by a seam. This will be inside the cup of the bra, and it can be made from the same fabric as the rest of the cup or add reinforcement through a sturdier fabric.

Side support bras are favoured by those who find that their breast tissue tends to gravitate towards their armpits, rather than staying at the front of their chest. Women with larger breasts can also benefit from side support bras, due to the additional support and lift that they can provide.

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bra for lift and support

Which Type Of Bra Is Best For Lift And Support?

If side support is what you’re looking for, it’s best to opt for a side support bra. These bras are specially designed to provide side support, pushing breast tissue towards the front of your chest rather than allowing it to sneak around the side of your body or underneath your armpit.

Side support bras can also help to give your breasts an added lift. This is because they scoop the breast tissue that has a tendency to move around the side of your body and push it to the front of your chest.

The best bras for support are usually those that offer full coverage. This is because full coverage bras support the whole of your breast. However, balcony and plunge styles can also be highly supportive depending on the brand and style that you choose.

One more factor to consider if you’re looking for lift and support is whether you’re really wearing the right size of bra. Many high street retailers use an old fashioned method of adding a number of inches to your ribcage measurement. This comes from the days when bras were made from rigid, stretch-free material. Now that we have the privilege of wearing bras with elasticated bands, we no longer need to add any length to the ribcage measurement.

If the band of your bra is too loose, which is often the case, you’ll find that it won’t give you the support that you need. This is because the underband of a bra should act as an anchor, providing around 80% of the support. So, if your band is too loose, you won’t get the support that you’re looking for, no matter which brand or style of bra you try.

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bra for side boob

Bras For Side Support And Lift – Our Top Picks

It can be difficult to know where to start when you’re looking for the right bra to provide side support and lift. You want a bra that will give your breasts a beautifully rounded shape, but that will also be comfortable enough to wear all day long.

To help you to find the right bra, we’ve put together pick of the best side support bras, offering both outstanding support and lift.

1.     Fantasie Illusion Side Support Bra

If you’re looking for lift and side support, along with a smooth silhouette underneath your clothing, the Fantasie Illusion side support bra might be exactly what you’re looking for.

With a three piece cup construction, the Fantasie Illusion offers a high level of side support. This helps to hold your breast tissue at the front of your body, providing excellent forward projection and fantastic uplift. This is ideal for women who find that their breast tissue tends to spill out of the side of their cups, underneath their armpits.

You don’t have to compromise on comfort to get good side support and lift either. In fact, the Fantasie Illusion features wide wires, providing an extremely comfortable fit. Combined with soft touch fabric and flat elastic, this helps you to provide all day comfort, leaving you to focus on what’s really important in life.

If a flawless silhouette and all day comfort is what you’re looking for, the Fantasie Illusion could be the side support bra for you.

Learn more about the Fantasie Illusion side support bra here

freya starlight

2.     Freya Starlight Balcony Bra

Achieving great side support and lift doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on style, and the Freya Starlight balcony bra proves this.

With a beautiful embroidered spot design, along with piped elastic and ribbon flashes, the Freya Starlight is sure to leave you feeling confident and gorgeous. After all, finding a supportive bra shouldn’t mean you need to compromise on style.

But this doesn’t mean that the Freya Starlight lets you down when it comes to support either. In fact, this bra provides a high level of side support to give you a forward shape, as well as great uplift. This is combined with a soft stretch fabric, so that you remain comfortable and supported wherever your day takes you.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous bra that offers outstanding support, the Freya Starlight balcony bra could be exactly what you need.

Discover the Freya Starlight balcony bra here

3.     Panache Tango Balconette Bra

There’s a reason why the Panache Tango balconette bra is one of our best sellers, and that’s the highly supportive fit that this bra provides, along with its gorgeous design.

This stunning balconette bra features three piece cups constructed from a rigid fabric, to offer unrivalled side support and forward projection. This gives you a beautifully rounded shape, as well as a high level of support.

For additional support, the Panache Tango also features powermesh wings, to provide firm yet comfortable support when you need it the most. This will leave you feeling supported and confident all day long.

The Panache Tango doesn’t let you down when it comes to style either. In fact, this bra is decorated with delicate Austrian leaf embroidery, along with a cute satin bow in the centre for a classic and timeless look.

If you’re looking for excellent support without compromising on style, the Panache Tango balconette bra is definitely worth a try.

Find out more about the Panache Tango balconette bra here

curvy kate victory

4.     Curvy Kate Victory Balcony Bra

Whilst other side support bras utilise a three-part cup design, the Curvy Kate Victory balcony bra takes this a step for with a unique four-part cup design which offers exceptional side support.

This bra uses Curvy Kate’s innovative Upfront Technology to uplift your breasts and provide forward projection. This will leave you with a flawless silhouette underneath your clothing, so that you can feel confident whatever your outfit choice.

The Curvy Kate Victory features mesh panelling, as well as a centre cut out, making this bra highly stylish as well as being flattering. So, you don’t have to put style to one side to gain side support with this bra.

If you’re looking for a bra that offers a high level of side support and uplift, combined with a modern design, the Curvy Kate Victory balcony bra might be right for you.

Discover the Curvy Kate Victory balcony bra here

5.     Elomi Cate Full Cup Bra

If you want to secure the highest level of support, a full cup bra might be what you need. The Elomi Cate is a full cup bra that offers exactly that, as well as creating that perfectly rounded shape that we all crave.

This bra offers a high level of side support, to provide you with forward projection, as well as great uplift and separation. So, you can feel comfortable in whatever outfit you choose, whether you’re doing the school run in a comfy t-shirt or going out for a few drinks in that little black dress.

With beautiful embroidery and a gorgeous satin sheen, the Elomi Cate full cup bra looks great too. It’s available in a wide range of colour choices, including white, black, latte, hazel, ink, rosewood, pecan and raisin.

For support that will leave you feeling comfortable and secure all day long, give the Elomi Cate full cup bra a try.

Find out more about the Elomi Cate full cup bra here

Related Questions

What Type Of Bra Is Most Supportive?

If you have larger breasts, or if you are active in your day to day life, you might be looking for a bra that offers a little extra support. Bras that offer side support are ideal for adding a little extra support to everyday styles of bra. You’ll find side support offered in a wide range of styles, from full cup bras to balcony styles. Alternatively, if you need the highest level of support, a sports bra might be what you’re looking for. This type of bra virtually eliminates movement through compression, keeping you feeling supported and comfortable no matter what you’ve got planned.

Which Bra Is Best For Daily Use?

Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to the best bra for everyday use. Whilst some women favour a plunge style, others may prefer a full cup bra. It’s all about finding a style and brand of bra that you find comfortable for all day wear, as well as making you feel confident. If you’re unsure of which style of bra to choose, it’s best to try on a few different styles. This can help you to discover which style makes you feel most confident, as well as offering you the highest levels of comfort.

What Kind Of Bra Is Best For Side Boob?

Side boob is often caused by the wrong size of bra being worn, for example if the cups are too small or your band size is too big. So, the first thing to do is to ensure that you’re wearing the right size bra. Once you’re certain you’re wearing the right size of bra, you could also consider opting for a bra that offers side support. This can help to ensure that your breast tissue is pushed to the front of your chest, rather than gathering underneath your armpits.

In Summary

If you’ve been blessed with larger breasts, you might find it challenging to find a bra that offers adequate support, without compromising on comfort or style. To help you along the way, we’ve shown you some of our top picks when it comes to bras that offer both side support and uplift.

At Uplifted Lingerie, we know how difficult it can be to find a bra that fits perfectly. That’s why we offer unlimited free returns, to help you along the way in finding your perfect bra. Not only that, but we’re also always more than happy to assist you if you have any questions about our bras, or if you need support in choosing the right style of bra.

If you need help choosing the best bra for side support and lift, you can email us at [email protected] or contact us through our live chat function. We’re always happy to help!


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