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How To Choose Bra For A Teenager - Everything To Consider

Written by Uplifted Lingerie on 02 August 2023

How to choose bra for teenager


From how to ensure the best fit, when is the right time to buy the first bra, what styles work best and where to find teen suitable bras, we cover everything you need to consider when thinking about how to choose a bra for a teenager in this article.

Teen bra shopping is a right of passage for girls everywhere, and while it’s something that can be great fun, it can also be an activity that generates lots of questions. So, whether you’re doing your own research into all things boobs and bras, or you’re a parent who wants to help their child pick out their first bra, then read on as we’ve got teenage bras well and truly covered. 


Wondering When to Get Your First Bra?

You might be questioning when the right moment is to buy your first bra, especially when teen years can vary so much in terms of development. Officially, the teenage years span from 13 to 19, but if you (or your daughter, if you're buying for her) start developing earlier, that initial bra purchase may come sooner.

There's no set 'right time' to make that first buy. A good indicator is when you notice breast 'budding,' which means the tissue under the nipple begins to protrude a bit. When this happens, simple bralettes or comfortable sports bras can offer some initial coverage and modesty.

As time goes on, your breasts will continue to grow. They may take a while to become fuller or rounder. When they do, that's a good moment to look into more supportive options, like cupped bras or those with underwires.

Ultimately, breasts develop at their own pace. The key is to offer the level of support that matches both the current size of your breasts and the activities you're taking part in. For instance, if you're sporty and into high-impact activities like running, consider a bra that offers more support for your developing breast tissue.


What Type Of Bra Should Teenagers Wear? 

When it comes to bra types, the choices are endless! There are training bras, sports bras, soft-cup, underwired, push ups to name just a few, but which ones are best for teenagers? 

To decide which kind of bra is best, you should consider what kind of support is needed. Do you need just enough to cover up while developing, or need extra support during sports? Or perhaps you’ve got larger breasts that would benefit from an underwire already? 

If you’re looking for a great fitting bra suitable for a teenager, then look no further than the great selection of underwear below from Uplifted Lingerie. From fun and sporty to comfortable and supportive, we have options for every style and personality to choose from.

Training Bras

Despite the name, wearing a training bra doesn’t mean you will be doing push-ups or running a marathon, but instead refers to soft bras that provide basic support, coverage and comfort. Ideal for when breasts are just beginning to form.

Try This: Royce First Bra 

The Royce My First Bra is designed to be the very first bra that a girl's parents buy for their daughter, My First Bra is made from pure cotton that's soft and comfortable. This two- pack contains one plain white bra and one with a pretty pink trim.

  • Available in sizes 30AA-36B

Royce first bra


Sports Bras

Sports bras are worn during periods of activity or sport and aim to offer enhanced support that protects delicate breast tissue when the chest is moving around. Sports bras come in all manner of styles, shapes and sizes which can make them an ideal bra for teens looking for variety and stability. Most come with multi -way straps like the one below with an adjustable racerback. 

Try This: Royce Impact Free Flex Fit Sports Bra 

Designed Specifically for women with a smaller frame, the adjustable racerback offers excellent comfort and support during exercise. The removable foam pads in the cups offer great shape but can easily be removed, leaving a pocket if required.

  • Available in sizes 30A-38C

Royce impact free flex

Soft Cup Bras

If you want a bra that performs its function of giving a little support but still looks natural then a soft cup bra, also referred to as a bralette can be a good choice. Without wires, these types of bra simply fit the shape of the breasts they’re holding without lifting, sculpting or compressing them which some styles of bra can do. 

Try this: Royce Non Wired Teen Bra 

The Royce Black and Blush Teen moulded bra has a slight padding with super soft cups for a discreet shape under clothes. The non wired bra is shaped to give the look of a wired bra. The Black & Blush Bra contains one plain black Bra and one plain blush bra.

  • Available in sizes 30A-36C

How to choose teenager bra


Underwired Bras

Wired bras aren’t for everyone and the choice to go wired or non-wired is largely due to comfort. Some girls just don’t like wires, whereas others enjoy the extra support provided. Underwired bras come with a U-shaped wire at the base of each cup in order to help support each breast and can be a good option for girls with a C-cup or larger. 

Try this: Royce Skyla 

Delicate lace detailing on the back straps gives this bra a touch of luxury with all the comfort and support of an everyday t-shirt bra. The fuller moulded cups give great coverage and the addition of a discreet hook on the back means this can be worn as a racerback. Skyla has been designed with small bands in mind starting at a 28 band and going up to a F cup.

Royce Skyla Bra


This brief overview covers some common styles of teen bras but we’ve not even touched on colour or material yet! For a few tips on these topics, remember that dark coloured bras can show under light clothing which may be important if you have a light or white school uniform top. 

When it comes to material, lacey fabrics or bras with lots of embellishments can catch on your clothes and often leave a bumpy silhouette. If this bothers you, then opt for smooth line bras in cotton or other simple fabrics. Moulded cups will also offer a smoothing effect under clothes whilst adding a little additional fullness to the breast shape. 


What Bra Size Should A Teenager Wear?

The teenage years are full of comparisons with friends, peers and media icons but when it comes to what bra size a teenager should be wearing, there really is only one answer. 

The bra size a teenager should wear is the size that fits them best. Whether that’s a AA cup or an FF cup, every teenager is different, so this is one area where it really does pay to be individual and ignore what everybody else is doing. 

Read on for our tips on how to find your bra size and measure up at home to ensure the bra you choose fits correctly and offers the comfort that YOU need. 


Things To Consider About Measuring And Bra Fitting. 

It’s important to know the correct bra size that you should be wearing before purchasing a bra. The difficulty is that bra sizes change between brands, and will adjust as your breasts grow through puberty. 

This means that by equipping yourself with a basic understanding of how to measure yourself or your daughter for a bra, as well as how to ensure the bra that you chose is fitting correctly, you will have all the knowledge you need when buying new underwear in store or online. 

When it comes to being measured for a bra, you can choose to get a professional fitter at a store to help you, or you can do it yourself at home. Remember though, whatever number you end up with, this is just a guide as every bra, even those in the same size will feel slightly different. The best thing to do when bra shopping is to try on lots to find the one that fits just right for you. 

If the bra you’re wearing starts to feel painful, rides up, is gaping, or the straps are falling down, or just doesn’t feel right, then it’s time to get measured again. You shouldn’t be able to feel a correctly fitting bra so the chances are, if it’s noticeable, then you need to make some adjustments. 

A correctly fitting bra will provide the support that the delicate breast tissue needs both at rest or during activity so it’s important to measure regularly during teenage years as the breasts continue to grow and ensure a well fitting bra at any age. 


How To Measure A Bra 

Bra sizes are made up of two parts; a band size and a cup size. 

To find your band size, wrap a measuring tape around the top of your rib cage. Ensure the tape is parallel all the way around and take a note of the measurement in inches. Add four to this number to give you your bra band size. For example, if your rib cage measurement is 30, your bra band size is 34. 

To find your cup size, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of the breasts, again making sure the tape is parallel to the floor all the way around. Take a note of the nearest even number of inches rounding up if needed. 

To determine the cup size, which is shown as a letter on the bra size, you need to calculate the difference in inches between your rib cage measurement and your fullest part of the breast measurement taken above. 

You cup size will be as follows: 

0” = AA

1” = A

2” = B 

3” = C

4” = D

5” = DD 

For example, your rib cage measured 30" and the fullest point of your breasts measured 32", there's a difference of 2". That would mean you are a B cup.

Find out more: How bra sizes work 

As we said above, your bra size at any measurement is a guide. You will need to try on the size you get and possibly a few either side to get the perfect fit. It’s also worth remembering that most bras have adjustable hooks and eye fastenings so you can make them tighter or looser. 

A top tip is to purchase a bra that fits you comfortably on the loosest set of hooks so that you can make the band smaller as the bra stretches out with wear. 


Related Questions 


Wondering When Your Breasts Will Stop Growing?

You might be asking when you can expect your breasts to finish growing, especially if you're frequently updating your bra measurements. Typically, breast development ceases once puberty is over. The average age for girls to start puberty is around 11, although it can kick off as early as 8 or as late as 14. Puberty usually spans about four years, and during this phase, you'll see changes in your body, including breast growth.

It's completely normal during these years for your breast buds to feel a bit tender or for one breast to grow faster or in a different direction than the other. By the end of puberty, generally around four years in, your breasts should have an adult-like appearance.

There's no one-size-fits-all timeline for puberty or breast development; every girl is different. Don't be surprised if your breasts continue to change in shape, size, or fullness up to around age 18. By then, you'll likely have a good idea of your preferred bra styles and the sizes that best suit you.


Does My Teenager Need A Bra Fitting? 

Getting a bra professionally fitted is a bit like a right of passage for many girls but if the idea of heading to town and waiting in line fills you or your teen with dread, or they’re feeling too shy, then there are plenty of tips to follow to ensure that you buy a properly fitting bra online, without the need for a face to face measuring service. 


Find The Perfect Bra For Teens 

From style, sizing, and timing of when to buy, we hope we’ve given you lots of tips and things to consider when it comes to finding the best bra for teenagers to wear. Whether you opt for pretty or practical, the teen bra range at Uplifted Lingerie is designed to ensure growing girls are comfortable and supported during teenage development. 

Once you've decided what type of bra you're interested in and have figured out what size range you will fall into, the fun part of shopping for bras can start! One of the best ways to do this is to shop online. Keep an eye out for easy returns so you can buy a big selection to find the perfect fit. 

If you already know what kind of bra you’re looking for, head over to the Uplifted Lingerie store to pick out a brilliant bra, and if you’re still unsure, take a browse through our teen collection to see what takes your fancy. 

Whether it’s performance, style, colouring or comfort that is most important to you, we have plenty of options to choose from and with free UK Delivery on all eligible orders, you can order as many bras as required to try in the comfort of your own home, as well as enjoying hassle free returns. 

If you need a hand in choosing the right bra, do get in touch as our friendly team loves to help girls in need of support. 

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