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What Is A Bralette Bra? The Complete Guide

Written on 30 July 2023

What Is A Bralette Bra? The Complete Guide

Bralettes have been soaring in popularity over recent years thanks to their comfort, appearance and practicality. And they aren’t just suited to one individual group of people; people of all ages and from all walks of life enjoy the comfort that a bralette provides. But what is a bralette bra and how do you know if this type of bra is right for you?

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about bralettes, from how bralettes differ from bras to when you should wear one. By the end of this article, you’ll be a bralette expert!


Bra Vs Bralette: What’s The Difference?

Many people wonder exactly what the difference is between a bralette and a bra, and it’s true that these two undergarments are worn in the same way. But there is one key difference between a bralette and a bra: structure.

Most people will already be familiar with the typical bra. Whilst a bra can be either wired or non-wired, they provide a high level of structure and support to the breasts. Bras come in sizes that include both numbers and letters: the band size and the cup size. This means that they provide a perfect fit, supporting the breasts and giving the body shape.

Conversely, a bralette is like a stretchy crop top, designed to provide light support and shape whilst prioritising comfort. Bralettes are also highly versatile. Whilst many people choose to wear a bralette under clothes, they can also be worn for sleep or as outerwear in their own right. Bralettes are usually sized based on dress sizes, and do not have any wires or boning.

But what else should you know about bralettes? Read on to find out.

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Who Wears Bralettes?

There is no one group of people who is best suited to wearing a bralette. In fact, bralettes are enjoyed by a vast range of people, from teens to the elderly, and from pregnant women to sportspeople.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are one group that particularly enjoy the benefits of a bralette. During the maternity period, the breasts go through rapid changes which can cause a standard bra to become uncomfortable. The stretchy material of a bralette can feel like a welcome relief to sore breasts, which require support without the structure of a bra.

Bralettes are also ideal for loungewear and sleep, when you need support without the restrictions that a bra often brings. If you crave the feeling of being bra-free but still need a bit of support, a bralette could be ideal.


Bralettes: Our Top Picks

If you’re thinking about trying a bralette, you might wonder what type of bralette is right for you. To help you along the away, we’ve picked out some of our favourite bralettes on the market today. Here are our top three bralettes for everyday wear.


Fantasie Impression

The Fantasie Impression is bound to make an impression! With a delicate lace overlay and a range of three different colours to choose from, this bralette puts style at the front and centre. However, comfort doesn’t get left behind when you opt for the Fantasie Impression.

The wire-free design means that the bralette can mould comfortably to your shape, whilst the wide elastic under band provides impressive support without compromising on comfort. Not only that, but the Fantasie Impression bralette showcases a super soft brushed lining on the cups, ensuring that you remain comfortable all day long.

Discover the Fantasie Impression bralette here

Fantasie Impression bralette


Freya Daisy Lace

If you’re looking for a timeless classic that prioritises comfort, look no further than the Freya Daisy Lace bralette. This bralette is made from stretchy and soft fabric, enabling it to mould seamlessly to your shape. The non-wired design features fully adjustable straps, hook and eye fastening and a high apex, ensuring the highest levels of comfort.

However, the Freya Daisy Lace doesn’t forget about style, with a gorgeous design that will leave you feeling both confident and comfortable. The all over lace detailing gives this bralette a classic and elegant appearance, combined with a silver bow charm for a bit of sparkle. The Freya Daisy Lace is bound to leave you feeling your best self, whatever the time of day.

Learn more about the Freya Daisy Lace bralette here

Freya Daisy Lace bralette


Royce Blossom

If a typical bralette isn’t for you, you might be interested to learn that there is an alternative. The Royce Blossom support bra is a totally unique bralette that is ideal for both sleep and daytime wear. This bralette can be worn as a crop top for sleep, or can be ruched down to provide a plunge neckline to wear under lower cut tops during the daytime.

With a gorgeous polka dot design, the Royce Blossom is a versatile alternative to traditional bralettes which doesn’t compromise on style. With more support than a standard bralette, but without the restrictions that bras often come with, the Royce Blossom support bra is a great option for those looking for comfortable support.

Find out more about the Royce Blossom support bra here

Royce Blossom Support Bra


Can You Wear Bralettes If You Have Larger Breasts? 

You may have heard that bralettes and larger breasts don't mix. But guess what? That's a total myth. If you have larger breasts, you can absolutely wear a bralette and enjoy its benefits. In fact, it's crucial to pick a quality bralette that gives you the support you need, but once you find the right one, you're good to go.

Interestingly, larger-breasted women often get the most from wearing a bralette. While those with smaller breasts might find it easy to ditch the bra at bedtime, you might need a bit more support around the clock. Bralettes offer that delicate balance of support and comfort, making them an excellent option for you.

The key is to get the size right and try different shapes and styles until you find the one that suits your unique build. True, a bralette won't give you the intense support that a structured, underwired bra would, but many women with larger breasts find them comfy yet secure enough for everyday wear.


Related Questions

What Is The Point Of Bralettes?

Bralettes are a popular choice amongst those who enjoy the feeling of taking off their bra at the end of the day, without losing all of their support. A bralette is made from soft and stretchy material, offering light support when you need it the most. Bralettes can be worn for sleep, during the daytime and as loungewear, making them a versatile alternative to traditional bras.

Are Bralettes Healthier Than Bras?

Bralettes are made from a soft and stretchy material, without any underwires. This means that the material of a bralette moulds gently to your breast, without any uncomfortable wires digging in. Whilst a traditional wired bra could cause damage to breast tissue if it was the wrong size, bralettes are a safe alternative thanks to their wireless design. This means that even if your bralette becomes too small, it is unlikely to cause any damage to your breast tissue.


Should I Wear A Bra Or Bralette?

Whether you decide to wear a bra or a bralette is down to personal choice. Whilst some people feel most secure and supported in a structured bra, others prefer the comfort that a bralette offers. Others may choose to opt for a bralette whilst lounging around the house or sleeping, whilst switching to a more structured bra when going out. There’s so right or wrong answer – it’s completely down to personal choice.


We hope we’ve provided you with a comprehensive answer to the question of ‘what is a bralette bra’, as well as giving you an insight into the benefits that this type of bra can offer. If you’re ready to find the perfect bralette, you can discover our full range of bralettes here.

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