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Why Your Bra Strap Falls Down Off Your Shoulders

Written by Uplifted Lingerie on 27 July 2023

Why your bra straps fall down off your shoulders

Ever wondered why your bra straps fall down off your shoulders? If you constantly find yourself pulling your bra straps back up, we have three top tips to help you keep those pesky straps where they’re supposed to be!

Rather than brushing off bra straps that fall down as a mere annoyance - (why do they always go wandering at the most annoying times like when you’re carrying the shopping in from the car?) - bra straps that fall down could actually be a sign that your band and cup size aren’t fitting correctly either, not just the straps themselves.

Bra Straps Falling Down?

If you’ve just found yourself pulling up one or both bra straps for the 10th time today, then rather than yank them up and hope for the best, it’s time to pay attention to the overall fitting of your bra. Our top three tips for banishing badly fitting bra straps for good are an excellent place to start:

Three top tips for banishing badly fitting bra straps

  1. Adjust your bra straps if they are too loose
  2. Drop a band size
  3. Try a different style of bra

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Straps, Cups, Bands, And Getting A Bra That Fits

Every woman that wears a bra has had to pull their bra straps up at some point or another but you’ve probably never really given much thought as to why this happens or how you can fix it.

Rather than continue to tighten your bra straps to within an inch of their life and leaving your shoulders red raw from digging in, if your straps are falling down it’s your overall bra size or style of bra that you should be paying closer attention too. Confused? Don’t be. We’ll explain everything you need to know in this article.


Adjusting Your Bra Straps


Rocking the same couple of bras in your rotation? That's a common habit many of us have, and yes, those trusty straps can stretch out over time. Think of it like this: just as you'd check your bike tyres for the right amount of air before heading out, take a moment each morning to feel the snugness of your bra straps when you slip them on.

Doing this quick check ensures that any sneaky movement in those strap adjusters doesn't catch you off guard. It's all about keeping everything in its prime position from dawn till dusk! Wondering about the perfect snugness? Aim for the two-finger rule. Your straps should allow you to slide two fingers underneath without feeling pinched or too slack. That's the sweet spot!

Top tip - if you’re somebody that regularly needs to let out the straps on your bra to accommodate the height between your boobs and shoulders, then pay attention to the detailing on the straps. Bras with added embroidery on the straps like this Fantasie Helena model will have less strap adjust-ability whereas less detailed straps can usually be adjusted to the full length of the strap like this Balcony Bra from Curvy Kate.


Go Down A Band Size


Noticed that your bra straps still have a penchant for sliding down even after adjusting? It might be time to reconsider your band size. Here's the thing: the wider the band (that bit snug under your bust), the further apart the straps sit, catering to a broader back. And, inversely, a smaller band will have straps positioned closer together, perfect for a more petite frame.

So, if those pesky straps persistently plunge off your shoulders, consider opting for a snugger band size. Remember, the band size is denoted by the initial number of your bra size. However, a little bra maths comes into play here: a reduced band size means you'll likely need a larger cup size (the letter that follows the number) to ensure everything stays comfortably in check.

To put this into perspective: if you're currently wearing a 34D and are battling those wayward straps, you'd shift to a 32 band size and adjust the cup to an E. That would have you trying on a chic 32E for size!


Try A Different Style Of Bra

One of the biggest factors to keeping your bra straps in place is to find a bra style and fit that works for you. Balcony, plunge, maternity and post surgery bras (to name just a few options) come in all different styles and sizes. From under wired, moulded, multiway and seam free - there is a combination to suit every single body and breast size.

If for example you have narrow shoulders and big boobs,you might find it hard to find a bra that has wide enough wires to support your breasts as well as narrow enough straps that stay firmly in place. A great option here would be to try a multi-way bra like these gorgeous D+ options from Curvy Kate and Panache that allow you to experiment with halter styles, one strap or around the middle fastenings. Need even more options? Then perhaps a bra with a tow back clip like this stunning Navy Fantasie Memoire Side Support bra would work for you. These handy clips pin your straps together in the middle of your back so they have less chance of falling down!

Try a different style of bra

We all know that bras are as individual as we are, so don’t be disheartened if you find the perfect fitting bra in one style but that same size doesn’t work in another style. At Uplifted lingerie, we offer free UK delivery and a no hassle returns service. This means that you can enjoy as much online retail therapy as you like, and try on as many bras as you need to from the comfort of your own home until you find the right combination of size, style and straps for you.



We’re pretty confident that the reason your bra strap falls down from your shoulder will be down to one of the common reasons that we’ve outlined in this article. Next time you find your bra straps down by your elbows when running for the bus, we encourage you to give these three bra-vellous easy fixes a whirl.

3 easy fixes for bra straps that fall down:

  1. Start with the straps - test your strap length with the two finger tension rule
  2. Try a different style of strap if you need more wiggle room in the strap adjustment
  3. Consider multi-way bras, tow back clips or a completely new style of bra to hold your boobs in place

If adjusting the straps doesn’t work for you and you’re in the market for a new bra in a different size or style, then head over to our online store to check out the gorgeous bras, lingerie, knickers and more that we have available - we’re positive we’ve got the perfect fit for you.


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