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The Best Bra for Big Bust Support (UK) Bra Ideas & Shopping Tips

Written by Uplifted Lingerie on 26 July 2023

The best bra for big bust support UK


For women blessed with big busts, finding a properly fitted and supportive bra is essential. The right bra for a big bust does more than just look attractive. It needs to provide robust lift and shaping while evenly distributing breast weight to prevent discomfort, poor posture, and physical strain. 

With unique fit challenges like spillage, underwires digging in, and straps digging into shoulders, simply sizing up in standard bras often leads to a poor fit. Speciality bra designs engineered specifically for D+ cup needs, with features like wide underwires, side sling construction, and stretchy reinforced straps, allow the bra to securely contain and mould to your curves while feeling comfortably supportive. 


In this guide, we'll dive into the best bra styles, brands, and tips for finally finding that perfectly fitted, ultra-supportive bra for your big bust.


Structured Cups Suited For Big Busts - Elomi Amelia Bandless Moulded Bra  

front fastening ease for a big bust support bra

The Elomi Amelia Bandless Moulded Bra offers big busts with superb moulded shaping to give them a comfortable fit within well-structured cups. This style also uses air in its moulding techniques, creating round silhouettes without adding too much weight to the bra.

This bra is great for fuller figures and is available in: 

  • Sizes 34G-46F
  • Black and nude
  • Suitable for short-waisted women

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Front Fastening Ease For Big Breasts - Royce Silver Bra

Front Fastening Ease, the best bra for big bust support

Traditionally, our bras are designed to fasten at the back. For some of us, that idea just doesn’t make sense. With fuller busts, it’s easier to fasten the bra at the front. We can control the fit from the front, rather than adjusting straps at the back and having to turn the whole bra around and upside down (it sounds more complicated in writing, but it’s a process we’ve all become accustomed to every morning).

This great bra from Royce is sold as a post surgery bra for its ease of use but is a great option for large-breasted ladies too. 

  • Available in dual sizes 32B/C - 40D/DD
  • Available in Skin
  • Anti-bacterial and odour-free fabric technology
  • Thermo-regulating silver fibres.

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Full Bust Coverage: A Must for Big Bust Bras

When it comes to bras for big busts, full coverage is non-negotiable. Many trendy bra styles like balconette and plunge shapes simply don't provide enough fabric to fully encapsulate and support a larger cup size. These demi-cup designs often result in unflattering spilling out or cutting into breast tissue for fuller busted women.

Panache Andorra Underwired Bra - Big Bust Support 

Panache Andorra Big bust support

To ensure a smooth, contained silhouette under clothes, big bust bras need deep underwire cups that encompass the entire bust from front to side. Brands like Panache specialise in full-coverage underwire bras made for D-K cups. Their Andorra Underwire bra features a four-part cup constructed from sheared stretch lace atop a firm underwired casing.

This combination of structured support and stretchy giving allows the bra to mould to your shape while providing a seamless, rounded look. The full coverage design prevents any unsightly overspill, while the side boning and reinforced wings anchor the bust in place. With full containment and lift, a big bust bra like the Panache Andorra gives you the confidence to wear any type of top style without worrying about your breasts making an unwanted appearance. Proper full-cup coverage is key for a flattering, supportive fit tailored to bigger cup volumes.

Available in: 

  • Full cup underwired bra
  • Black and white
  • Sizes 30DD-40J
  • The full cup provides forward and uplifted projection

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Side Support Bras for Big Busts: Containing Side Spillage

side support solutions for big breast support bra

For fuller-busted women, side boob spillage is just as much of an issue as overflow at the neckline. As breasts become heavier and more projected, they tend to escape out the sides and underarms of ill-fitting bras. This side spillage is not only visually unflattering but can cause painful chafing and digging in.

The solution lies in bras designed with robust side support features. Side sling panels made from powernet or stretch lace provide containment from the underwire around to the back band. Extra side boning channels and cups that are spliced together create a seamless, curve-hugging fit.

The Fantasie Memoir Side Support Bra

Bra features:

  • Underwired Side Support Bra 
  • Available in sizes 30 D-42G
  • Available in colours Natural Beige and Navy
  • Wide Wired for additional comfort and support 
  • Three-piece cup for uplift and projection
  • Concealed seams in an inner cup for a seamless look
  • Side Support with fuller coverage in the cup and underarm
  • A tow Back to prevent strap slippage
  • Padded 2 Hook and Eye D-H
  • 3 Hook and Eye HH

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Fantasie's Memoir Side Support Bra showcases these engineering details tailored for bigger busts. Its three-part cup construction uses wide underwires that span across more surface area without digging. Side boning distributes breast weight while the stretch lace side panels allow customised shaping. No more trying to constantly re-tuck side boobs back into the cups - the Memoir keeps you fully supported and contained from every angle.

Adjustable Bras for Bigger Busts: No More Slipping Straps

One of the biggest frustrations for women with heavier busts is constantly having to re-adjust slipping bra straps. As breasts increase in weight and projection, narrow straps can't handle the load - digging into shoulders while failing to provide adequate support from above. This leads to breasts sagging and dragging the entire bra down.

The solution lies in bras designed with adjustable straps and unique strap attachment points that redirect the pressure. Wider, padded straps help disperse weight across more surface area. But the real innovation is strap placement that pulls from the front rather than straight over the shoulder.

Freya Offbeat Side Support Bra - Adjustable Fit & Comfort For Large Breasts 

adjustable hold for big bust support bra


Freya's Offbeat Side Support Bra showcases this brilliant strap engineering. Instead of the straps simply meeting the back band, they're threaded through a reinforced "leash" at the upper back. This allows you to tighten and shorten the effective strap length, pulling them in towards the centre and cupping the breasts upwards. No more straps slipping off shoulders!

With easy adjustability and sturdy stretch lace wings to anchor the bra in place, the Offbeat keeps your breasts lifted and supported all day long. Yet it doesn't sacrifice sexy styling with elegant mesh detailing available in gorgeous shades like Early Grey and Rosehip. Adjustable, stay-put straps allow bigger busted women to enjoy pretty, sculpted support without constant strap adjustments.

Key Features:

  • Available in sizes 28D-40HH
  • Available in colours Rosehip and Early Grey
  • Four-piece cup to give you forward projection and support
  • Lined bottom cup for added support and shape
  • The Stretch lace lycra will give you better shape and support
  • Fully adjustable tow back to give straps central pull and help prevent strap slippage.

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Maternity Bras for Big Busts: Supportive Comfort for Your Changing Body: 

Pregnancy brings an array of physical changes, and the breasts are often one of the first areas to grow and transform. As cup sizes increase and tender fullness sets in, finding a supportive yet comfortably soft maternity bra becomes essential.

Unlike regular bras, DD+ maternity bra styles are designed with extra room for growth and easy nursing access. Flexible wire-free banding allows for fluctuations in breast size and shape. Stretchy cotton or microfiber cups provide breathing room while still offering breast containment. The key feature not to be forgotten is cups that are unhooked or drop-down for quick skin-to-skin nursing sessions.

For bigger busted moms-to-be, investing in a high-quality maternity bra from brands like Royce Lingerie ensures you get the support and nursing functionality you need. 

The Royce Blossom Maternity Bra 

maternity bra for full bust support

Featuring six-panel side-sling cups that shape and anchor your growing bust. The inner sling provides a soft underlift, while the drop-down clip allows for nursing or pumping access. Add in cooling moisture-wicking fabrics and you have a maternity bra that grows with you through every stage.

As your body changes, a well-designed maternity bra prevents your breasts from straining under their increasing weight. Moulded cups minimise stretch marks while nursing clips make breastfeeding easier. For bigger busts experiencing pregnancy growth, a supportive maternity bra is an essential investment in comfort.


  • Maternity Bra Plunge and Crop Top
  • Available in dual sizes 32 C/D/DD-40G/GG/H
  • Available in Black and white spot
  • Easy-release drop cups
  • Four sets of Hook and eyes for adjustment
  • 2 per row C/D/DD - E/F/FF
  • 3 per row G/GG/H - HH/J/JJ

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The Right Clothes, Fits & Styles For Big Busted Bodies

For lots of women, dressing well is an important part of their life. It can be a way of expressing who we are through the form of individual style and our clothes can speak volumes about us.

While many clothes just aren’t tailored well to suit particular curves, we feel that women that have been blessed in the boob department shouldn’t have to compromise on their styling ideas just because of their shape. 

There are plenty of styles and silhouettes out there that really do bring out the beautiful curves that women are applauding today. We can always accentuate and work with our figures, to curate stylish looks that flatter our bodies.

The styles, brands and tips below will help to ensure your larger breasts are an asset to your wardrobe choices! 

Dressing For A Fuller Bust 

When it comes to dressing for a fuller bust, the key is to embrace your shape while seeking out clothing styles that flatter and provide support. V-neck tops and wrap dresses are great options, as the V-shape elongates your frame while allowing you to control how much cleavage to show. 

Pay attention to tailoring details like princess seams that nip in at the waist but allow room up top. Cinchers like belts can also help define your waistline. Strategically add statement accessories like necklaces to draw the eye where you want it. 

Avoid oversized, baggy silhouettes that drown your shape - instead opt for smoothing bras that create a sleek, rounded look under fitted clothing. With the right undergarment support and tailored fits, you can feel confident putting your best curves forward

Challenges of Finding Bras for Bigger Breasts 

For women blessed with a generous bust, finding a properly fitted and supportive bra is essential. As cup sizes increase into the D+ ranges, standard bras simply can't provide the containment, shaping, and support required.

Common fit issues include spillage out the top or sides of cups, underwires digging into the breast tissue, shoulder indents from straps' inability to bear the weight, and a uni-boob effect from cups set too close together. Simply going up a band and cup size often leads to gaping cups and an overall lack of lift and shaping tailored to the breast shape.

Getting The Right Fit For Large Breast

With a larger cup size comes unique fit challenges. Breasts that are heavy require encapsulating cup structures that fully contain the bust tissue without cutting in or creating bulges. Underwires need to be cushioned and wide enough to resist distortion under the weight. Sturdy side panels and back wings help anchor the bra against breast migration. Stretchy yet reinforced straps resist digging by diffusing the load across a wider surface area.

Simply sizing up in standard bras often leads to a poor fit for larger busts. The cups may gape open, the centre boning fails to lay flat against the sternum, and the band rides up in the back. 

This type of improper bra fit can contribute to upper back/shoulder pain, overspill, chafing, and a frumpy silhouette under clothes. Speciality bras engineered for the needs of a D+ cup provide the necessary support, shaping, and coverage.

Top Bra Styles for D+ Cup Sizes 

When it comes to bras for big busts, full coverage cups are a must for a smooth, contained silhouette. Balconette and plunging shapes simply don't provide enough fabric to fully encapsulate larger breasts. Fuller busted women need bras with tall, underwired cups that offer 360° coverage from neckline to underarm.

Side support and sling-back bras are also ideal for controlling side-spill and keeping breasts centred. Their innovative side panels and additional reinforcements prevent any bulging at the sides or back. For a sexy look, stretch lace balcony bras provide uplifted, rounded cleavage for bigger cups.

Bra Features Optimal for Big Bust Support 

The most supportive bras for bigger busts incorporate specialised bra engineering like wide, cushioned underwires that span more surface area without digging. Side boning and rigid side panels also help contain breast tissue and anchor the bust from migrating.

Multi-part cup constructions allow the bra to be custom-moulded to curves, while full coverage designs prevent overspill. Details like leotard backing and reinforced wings distribute weight across a larger area. Adjustable, stay-put straps redirect the pull from the front and easily tighten to provide a customised uplift.

Brands Specialising in Bras for Full Busts 

Certain lingerie brands have become known for their specialisation in bras for bigger cup sizes. In the UK, Elomi, Panache, Freya, Goddess and Fantasie all offer extensive collections catering to the D-K cup range and Uplifted stock these names online. 

These full-bust bra ranges incorporate specialised engineering like multi-part cup constructions, side sling support, stretch lace wings and other contouring features. Their bras focus on functionality and shape, while still offering pretty, feminine styling.

How to Get the Right Fit for Your Big Bust 

Finding your accurate bra size is crucial when sporting a bigger bust. Many brands utilise different fit models, so sizing can vary between them. Getting properly fitted at a boutique specialising in D+ bras ensures you find your true band and cup volume.

Beyond size, the bra style and specific measurements are key for a supportive fit. Fuller Bust fittings check things like cup width at the wire, depth at the apex, and strap tension to achieve a secure but comfortable fit. An invested bra fitter can guide you to styles that offer the right coverage, lift and contouring for your breast shape.

Find the Ideal Bra for Your Bust Shape, with Uplifted Lingerie

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution to lingerie but we can take joy from finding the right solution for us as individuals. Taking the time to find a quality, enduring lingerie that uplifts and supports our breasts can bring confidence and style to our days. 

At Uplifted, we want to make curvier women feel sexy and confident. Boosting brilliant boobs and bringing a wider range of diverse lingerie designs to the market, we’re well on our way to achieving our mission. Whether we have killer curves or legs that go on forever, the underwear we choose should be comfortable, well fitted and make us feel great.

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