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The Best Bra for Big Bust Support (UK)

Written by Uplifted Lingerie on 26 July 2023

The best bra for big bust support UK

As we envy the woman that can simply throw on a bra and t-shirt without concerns about spilling over her bra or avoiding other embarrassments, we do wonder: how can we find the best bra for big bust support here in the UK? We’ve collated some insights from those bigger busted ladies, size D and up, to see how they figure out the best ways to dress for their shape. From lingerie and bra support to styling techniques, we’ll dive into how we can celebrate our figures – without spending hours trawling the internet for a suitable bra.

Dressing to flatter a generous bust comes with its own set of unique challenges that the less-busty brigade might never truly grasp. From cups that barely pass muster to the age-old quandary of buttoned shirts that refuse to cooperate, the struggle is real. And while the bra landscape can sometimes feel a tad uninspiring, stumbling upon that dream fit usually lands us with designs that lean more 'meh' than 'marvellous'.

The truth is, our choice in lingerie can make or break an outfit, serving as the unsung hero in our daily dressing routine. Without the right underpinning, some outfits just don't do justice to certain figures and bust shapes. A well-fitting bra, designed with both support and aesthetics in mind, is like gold dust for those with a fuller bust. Diving deeper, the nuances in bra design play an integral part in delivering that unbeatable combo of comfort and fit. So, let’s delve into the world of bra design features and how they cater to different bust dimensions.

How Lingerie Designs Cater To Different Bust Sizes

Designers, by nature, are forever pushing boundaries to refine and improve our experiences. This rings true especially for those crafting fashion, with lingerie designers having the added task of catering to the myriad of women’s body shapes and sizes. And it's a good thing they're on the job, because who isn’t on the quest for that elusive perfect fit?

Gone are the days of irksome, flimsy bras that seemed to have a vendetta against our ribs. While we're all breathing a sigh of relief for this upgrade, there’s still a lingering question: what about the designs tailored for the fuller-busted among us? We seek that robust support, minus the abrasive underwires, and all while looking effortlessly chic.

As the quest for daily comfort continues, the lingerie sector remains ripe for innovation. As our expectations shift, designers are answering the call. So, how exactly are today's creatives adapting lingerie styles to cater to our distinct and varied forms?

Moulded Shaping

Holding our breasts in one place while there’s so much volume to control can become difficult. Moulded shaping allows us to adapt our breasts to fit perfectly within well-structured cups. Spacer moulded cups allow us to enjoy bandless bras, with no underwires – while we definitely get all the support we need. The Elomi Amelia Bandless Moulded Bra does just this. This style also uses air in their moulding techniques, creating round silhouettes without adding too much weight to the bra.

front fastening ease for a big bust support bra

Front Fastening Ease


Traditionally, our bras are designed to fasten at the back. For some of us, that idea just doesn’t make sense. With fuller busts, it’s easier to fasten the bra at the front. We can control the fit from the front, rather than adjusting straps at the back and having to turn the whole bra around and upside down (it sounds more complicated in writing, but it’s a process we’ve all become accustomed to every morning). Front fastening bras are great for post-surgery, too. Some of these styles utilise anti-bacterial and odour free fabric technology, as well as infusing these benefits with thermoregulating silver fibres.

Front Fastening Ease, the best bra for big bust support

Full Cup Coverage

This is a relatively simple one, but many of the bra styles popular in fashion do not offer adequate coverage for fuller busts. Balcony silhouettes, for example, often cover less of the breast and we’d find ourselves spilling over without the support we need – unless they’re specifically designed for larger breasts. Fabricated from stretch lace with an underwired structure, the Panache Andorra Underwire bra offers the full cup look. Giving that firmness and strong silhouette, this style allows you to wear any style of top with confidence.

full cup coverage, best bra for big bust support

Side Support Solutions

Our breasts don’t always spill out over the top of the bra cup. Side support bras are created to solve the issue of side spilling boobs, which is a common occurrence for those of us who are well endowed. This is achieved by designing the bra to fit perfectly around the side of the breast and underarm space. The Fantasie Memoir Side Support Bra incorporates wide wires with a three-piece cup that allows fuller coverage and comfort, particularly in the underarm area. No more uncomfortable moments as we try to squish our side boob back into the cup.

side support solutions for big breast support bra

Adjustable Hold

Heavier busted women often find themselves struggling with the perfect bra, constantly adjusting inadequate straps that don’t have the holding power to support the weight underneath them. The Freya Offbeat Side Support Bra is a stylish, sexy solution to our bust support complaints. The strong shape of the bra supports our shoulders and includes the fully adjustable tow back. This works to pull the bra straps towards the centre, rather than slipping outwards and off our shoulders. These straps are easily adjustable, supporting the stretch lycra as it boosts your body shape. Created in two eloquently named shades, Early Grey and Rosehip, this elegant bra doesn’t compromise on style and sensuality.

adjustable hold for big bust support bra

Made for Maternity

As we go through pregnancy, our breast sizes and shapes can alter significantly. Maternity bras are made to support us through these changes, during and after pregnancy. Designed to support tender breasts with comfortable silhouettes, maternity bras are also made to support the nursing process. Drop down cups make breastfeeding a breeze with the Royce Blossom Maternity Bra.

maternity bra for full bust support

Plunge Support

Many of us want to use stylish lingerie to embrace our silhouettes, subtly showing off our assets without being too bold. Available in sizes 32GG – 46DD, the Elomi Matilda Plunge Bra provides perfect plunge support for bigger busts. The low front placement adds to the plunge effect, with three panelled cups on the front of the bra hold the breasts forward rather than down. With attractive lacy detailing that draws the eye towards the slightly uplifted cleavage, this style is both sexy and supportive.

Balcony Boosting

Another way to boost and uplift, achieving that sexy look that really boosts our confidence: balcony bras. Larger breasted women often shirk away from these suggestive shapes due to the lack of support within certain silhouettes. However, we’ve found the ideal balcony bra for those of us looking for a sensual solution. The Freya Daisy Lace Balcony Bra comes in busty sizes, from 28D to 38G. The floral style geometric lacy textiles add a delicate look to the bra, while the white option adds contrast trim detailing. With the support necessary to hold shape effectively, the wider shoulder straps are an extra detail that helps. The top of the cup is in stretch lace, so we can pull up cups to suit our shape.

balcony boosting best bra for big bust support

Flatter Your Figure: The Styling Guide for Big Busted Women

Once we’ve figured out how to flatter our silhouettes with supportive bras, we need to look into the styling tips that will accentuate our lingerie choices. Fashion means a lot to us. It’s the ultimate way of expressing who we are through the form of individual style. We wear clothes every day, making choices about the occasions, people and tasks that we’ll come across throughout the day. One task we have to begin with is matching our outfit to suit our own body shape.

While many clothes just aren’t tailored well to suit particular curves, we feel that women that have been blessed in the boob department shouldn’t have to compromise on their styling ideas just because of their shape. There are plenty of styles and silhouettes out there that really do bring out the beautiful curves that women are applauding today. We can always accentuate and work with our figures, to curate stylish looks that flatter our bodies.

styling guide for big busted women

Neckline Cuts: Go for V-Line Necks

Necklines always matter when it comes to either attracting or re-directing attention away from your chest. Whether you want to opt for a cleavage-celebrating look for a date or cover up your bust for a work-friendly style; the neckline can change everything.

V necks are a great styling option if we’re looking to accentuate our figure without going overboard. The V shape draws the eye down within a vertical line, making you appear slim and elongated. A bit of cleavage is still there, but you can adjust the level of cleavage if you find a great adjustive and supportive bra (a bit of a task, we know). Wrap fitted silhouettes, such as wrap dresses, are the ideal V neck style. The great bonus with these tie-up waists, is that you just alter the knot to fit your shape. For those of us who bounce between certain weights that change often, wrap dresses are the ultimate addition to our wardrobes.

Tailoring Matters: Check the Design Details

A seemingly long-forgotten art, tailoring is truly one of the most overlooked elements in the modern world. Careful fitting techniques can elevate your style to another level, as technical sewing work has the potential to support your bust as you wear any style. Tailoring is actually key within the process of lingerie design, too. It’s the process of fitting your underwear precisely to the body, taking careful measurements and making subtle yet noticeably effective adjustments. This is how perfectly fit lingerie is made. Keep some of these design and tailoring ideas in mind as you search for clothing styles, and you’ll find a wardrobe that fits you exceptionally.

When shopping for tailored clothing that will suit your bust size, you need to know the signs of a well-tailored piece of clothing. Look for princess seams, that shape a shirt to fit your waist while opening up to allow room for a bigger bust. These are often found in women’s shirts, jackets and fitted tops. Styles that draw the fabric in at the waist can also really balance out your body shape. Avoid ruffles near the top of your body, by the breasts, but they will work great lower down such as on a full-bodied skirt. Balancing out your figure by determining which shapes will compliment your body is a great way to get into understanding your ideal style.

Figure out a signature silhouette that you’re comfortable with over the years, and you’ll be able to get dressed each day with no struggle. Another top tip? Vertical stripes, patterns or tailoring elements can also have a great impact in making you appear taller, reducing the visual impact of bigger busts.

Add Statement Accessories: Belts and Necklaces

A belt or necklace can completely transform an outfit. Tried on a shirt dress and feel that it’s a bit shapeless? Add a leather belt to the look, and you’ve now achieved a lovely cinched in waist that highlights your curves. Alternatively, don a statement necklace as you wear a simple curved neckline top over a well-structured bra. The necklace will distract anyone's gaze from your bust, as they focus on the beautiful jewellery instead. You can use statement necklaces the other way round too, in subtly directing attention to your cleavage. Wear a stylish plunge top over an uplifting bra that boosts your silhouette, and add in that eye-catching piece of jewellery to finish the look.

Embrace Your Shape: Don’t Hide it Away

It’s no longer the 1950s, where women are expected to be svelte things with no curves or realistic proportions. The 21st century is the time to embrace our shapes, as we celebrate real women while boosting up each other’s confidence. Bigger boobs are often underrepresented in both high fashion and on the high street. But there are solutions, with lingerie brands innovating amazing new styles and silhouettes for real women.

Smoothing Silhouettes: Soft and Seam Free

We don’t want to hide away, but some of us do feel more confident in different styles of lingerie. Smoothing bras are designed to hold the breasts carefully, shaping them towards the idealised rounded silhouette we all aspire to have. For those who want to smooth out their breasts without going all out there and wearing busty styles, smoothing bras are amazing for getting the perfect fit. The Fantasie Smoothing Non Padded Seamless Balcony Bra lets you achieve the perfect firm fit. Seam-free design elements add to the smooth and sleek appearance of the bra, created by the addition of soft finish simplex for gentle structuring.

Smoothing Silhouettes: Soft and Seam Free bra for big bust support

Avoid Baggy Silhouettes: They’re not Flattering

We often think of hiding our figure with a big baggy t-shirt, where nobody can see all our lumps and bumps. Don’t do it! A baggy tee will only make you look bigger than you are, without even giving you the chance to show off your shape. Of course, many of us have been lounging around in our baggy tees for everyday comfort (and our favourite PJs). But getting out of the house and choosing a flattering look will really boost your confidence, without hiding away.

Find the Ideal Bra for Your Bust Shape, with Uplifted Lingerie

Unfortunately, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution to lingerie. As women, we know this, and as women, we are finding the solution. We love finding quality, enduring lingerie that uplifts our women while supporting them with carefully crafted shaping and structural details.

Our Uplifted Lingerie ethos is to make curvier women feel sexy and confident. Boosting brilliant boobs and bringing a wider range of diverse lingerie designs to the market, we’re well on our way to achieving our mission. As a family-led business, we’re all about sticking to our core values, and the way we’re working towards empowering women through uplifting lingerie. We believe we should all cherish our bodies. Whether we have killer curves or legs that go on forever, the underwear we choose should be comfortable, well fitted and make us feel great.

All our lingerie selections are chosen for their exceptional design qualities. Each of the brands we source quality lingerie from are working in line with our own ethos, so we’re building these strong relationships that help push women’s lingerie forward. We’re proud to be able to work with these talented brands and designers, as they continue to provide women of all shapes and sizes with lingerie that ‘fits them to a T’.


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