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Best Sports Bras for Saggy Breasts in 2023

Written by Uplifted Lingerie on 27 July 2023

Our guide on how to find the best sports bras to support your shape and size in 2023. From achieving the ideal fit for your exercising goals, to determining which materials you should opt for in your choice of sports bra.

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Pondering over the ideal bra for sagging breasts? We get it; seeking out that flawless bra for any occasion can feel like a quest. And hunting down a sports bra? That’s a whole other ball game.

Every lingerie brand appears to have its own special formula for determining bra sizes, almost as though our busts magically shift dimensions with each shopping trip. Now, toss in the objective of locating an exercise bra, and suddenly, a plethora of considerations come into the picture.

From the desired support level to the type of activity we're gearing up for and the fabric's breathability - it's a myriad of choices. And just when we think we've figured it out, there's one more thing that nudges for attention: the shape of our breasts. The quest for the right fit, design, and size never really ends, does it?

The Best Sports bra for Saggy Breasts

Wondering what the best bra for sagging breasts is? As women, we know that finding the perfect bra for any situation can be draining enough. Finding a sports bra often becomes much more complicated.

Each lingerie brand seems to have their own specific way of calculating bra sizes, as if they think our breasts magically change sizes as we switch between shops. Add the goal of trying to find a bra for exercise to the mix, and we have to consider a whole world of other factors.

Which level of support we need, the kind of exercise we’ll be doing, and the breathability of fabric all come into play here. If this level of complexity wasn’t enough to make us give up at the first hurdle, one other key consideration also squeezes its way in there as we contemplate the ideal fit, size and design of any bra: our breast shape.


Find the Perfect Fit and Enhance Comfort

All our bodies come in different shapes and sizes, that’s a given fact. Our breast sizes, however, are the element more frequently focused on by the media and even bra designers themselves. Despite this, it’s the shape of our breasts that can often determine which style of bra is most comfortable for our needs. From perky and voluptuous to saggy and in need of a little extra support, our breasts all come in different shapes. Even within each pair, both the size and shape of our breasts can also differ noticeably. Lingerie brands really need to come on board with supporting women more, as they choose the right style of bra that suits their shape and size.

That’s why this guide has been put together, explaining how to choose the right sports bra for saggy breasts.



Why Do We Really Need to Wear Sports Bras?

We've all been there: combing the aisles for that elusive sports bra that checks every box, only to come up short. Those fruitless hours can lead many of us to the couch, magazine in hand, justifying that maybe fitness wasn't our thing to begin with. Sound familiar? It prompts us to wonder, what's the fuss about sports bras? Why are they so crucial? The rationale behind sports bras extends beyond just comfort; some reasons even pivot around health.

Sure, not every woman needs the snug embrace of a sports bra while breaking a sweat. Kudos to those who can glide effortlessly without one. Yet, for a significant number of us, the right level of support is indispensable, and it often correlates with our breast's shape and size.

For those sporting a fuller bust, the mere thought of going braless might seem outlandish, having always needed that extra 'lift' for, well, just about everything. And for others who've seen the gradual impact of time (and yes, the pesky pull of gravity), the idea of any physical activity sans a supportive bra feels counterintuitive. Aging, paired with hormonal shifts, can lead to sagging, making bras essential, not just for support but for an uplifting silhouette during our daily grind. In the realm of sports, this need becomes even more pronounced, ensuring we move with ease and confidence.


Comfortable Sports Bras for Saggy Breasts 


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Larger breasts need support while exercising

 This helps keep everything in place and reduces the distractions we feel from discomfort and trying to ‘rearrange’ our breasts to sit comfortably. This is also related to our levels of confidence while exercising, as the embarrassment of working out with heavier breasts can cause us to end our exercise regimes early, and leave the gym. Exercise is all about confidence, so finding the right sports bra for our larger breasts can boost our self-esteem and eventually, we can reap the health benefits related to consistent exercise.


Saggy breasts get in the way and cause discomfort

Once our breasts have begun to sag, it becomes inevitable that we need to hold them up somehow. Sports bras designed to help saggy breasts often have compression fit features, incorporated to hold your breasts firmly in place as you move. Without wearing a sports bra, vigorous exercise or high-intensity workouts can become unbearably uncomfortable as our breasts move around. Where sagging skin comes into contact repeatedly with our chest, we experience sore friction burns and even pain. This is why a strong, supportive sports bra is the way forward for those of us that need a bit of a lift up.

The Benefits of Wearing Sports Bras for Exercise

Wearing a sports bra that fits you well when exercising not only keeps us comfortable and able to exercise without having to hold our breasts in place, but there are other benefits too.


Exercise with Sports Bras for Saggy Breasts


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Avoid any discomfort while exercising

We have plenty of things already to focus on as we work out, from breathing steadily and keeping our heart rate low, to switching up our exercise timings. Discomfort due to the way our breasts are moving or rubbing completely distracts us from the end goal.


Gain confidence

Feeling comfortable in our bodies and how they move is key to achieving the uplifting confidence you need to energise yourself for a great workout. Staying healthy and fit as we age is another great way we can keep ourselves self-assured and strong. Be proud of your body as it ages.


Supporting your breasts for the future

Some researchers have stated that wearing a supportive sports bra even from a young age can help reduce the impact caused by exercise. Jumping, running and moving around takes a toll on our breasts, and it’s suggested that this can play a role in the breakage of connective tissues that support the shape of our boobs. So, even if younger women don’t have ‘saggy’ breasts right now, they might benefit from wearing a quality sports bra in order to protect the tissues within their breasts. Tell your granddaughters and their friends, spread the word.


Reduce breast pain

Throughout the month we experience tender breasts, and without a great supportive sports bra, this can put us off exercise entirely. Find a solution that completely restricts movement during a workout, to avoid those painful moments.


No more chest sweat

It’s natural, everyone sweats, but it’s uncomfortable. It can even lead to the development of sores around the breasts, which sting as we sweat more. Avoid unsightly chest sweat with moisture-absorbing sports lingerie.


Ensure full coverage

We all know the feeling of being ogled at as we exercise (perhaps this happened more often to us in our younger years). However, finding a full-coverage sports bra can keep your modesty as you move around, and avoid those off-putting gazes.


Hold up the shape of your breasts

Sagging breasts are difficult, but sports bras are now frequently being worn every day by those looking to maintain the shape of their breasts. Providing them with that extra support and comfort may help them to retain a rounded shape.


Keep blood circulation consistent

Some badly fitted sports bras can cut off the blood supply to certain areas. This even happens every day as we wear our regular bras – some doctors actually recommend the use of sports bras instead of t-shirt bras and other styles we wear for everyday activities. This is because sports bras are effectively designed to support healthy blood flow as we move, with more technological considerations for the areas that need extra space.

Get the Perfect Fit Sports Bra for Saggy Breasts

Checking whether the sports bra you’ve chosen fits is another whole task in itself. While there are some skilled bra fitting technicians out there, we know it’s not always possible to get an in-person bra fitting consultation.


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1. Sports bras should be a bit tighter than regular bras.

This is so they provide the adequate support we need for sagging shapes and larger-sized breasts.

2. Underwire should be placed perfectly.

Comfortable Underwire Sports Bras for Saggy Breasts

The underwire should sit right under your breast and sit flat against your ribs, without digging into your skin at any point. Make sure any excess or sagging skin is able to fit within the underwire space. Wider curvature bras such as the Freya Active Core, pictured above, will ensure you can hold a fuller breast within the cups.

3. Check for any wrinkles in the fabric.

This means your cup size is too large. The fabric should be smooth in appearance, as the breasts fill out the cups. Decrease the cup size if there are wrinkles.

4. Make sure there is no overflowing skin.

Any overflow, even around the underarm and shoulder areas, means your cup and even band size are too small. Increase the cup size and check the fit.

5. Adjustable straps.

It’s helpful to have the option to adjust our fit depending on the exercise we want to do. Many women also actually experience fluctuations in the size of their breasts depending on the time of month. Adjustable straps, such as the ones found on the Shock Absorber bra, are essential in these cases.

6. Check the band size fit.

The band should be snug, however, you don’t want to experience any rubbing or lack of ability to take a good deep breath.

7. Don’t go too tight.

You’re looking for some compression to support and hold the sagging tissue. A too-tight cup size and restrictive band measurement will reduce your ability to exercise properly in the first place.

8. Ensure there are no gaps.

Gaps around the band, cups and arm area mean your bra is too big. Go a cup size or band size smaller.

9. Test the fit by moving around, as if you were doing exercise.

Test How Your Sports Bras for Saggy Breasts Fits

The best way to check if your new sports bra fits is to move in every direction. Do a full wave of the arms – is there any rubbing? Is there any discomfort with breathing, or is the band too loose? Some bras are designed for specific movements, such as the Royce Impact Free Sports bra, engineered to stop vertical bouncing movements. Consider these variations in design as you select the right sports bra for your workout routine.

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How Design and Technology Innovations are Improving Sports Bras

As the options for various materials that we use in our lingerie continue to evolve, we take a look at how innovative designers are creating sports bras for the future. Us women bestowed with larger sized breasts or breasts that sag over time as we age, are often dismayed at the utter lack of representation we find for our sizes in regular lingerie shops. Designers have recognised this, and are working to find new ways to support us as we exercise. Here’s how:


Moisture Prevention Technology

Prevent Moisture with Sports Bras for Saggy Breasts

Many sports bras currently use microfibre fabrics, ensuring you remain cool throughout exercise by actually keeping moisture from sweat away from the skin. The Elomi Energise sports bra does exactly this, and is available in a range of both subtle and printed styles.


Designed for Specific Activities

Find Sports Bras for Saggy Breasts for Specific Exercises

Every form of exercise places a different level of strain on various areas of our bodies. Research and development has enabled sports lingerie designers to adapt their designs to suit certain workouts. The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run bra is specially designed for running. With support in specific targeted areas that experience the most movement, it’s the ideal solution to stop sagging breasts moving while exercising.


Bust Separation Silhouettes

The Elomi Energise sports bra is also great for sagging shaped breasts, giving a boost with the bust separation design that allows you to prevent movement and keep your assets in place. The separation of the bust means the bra cups encapsulate each breast separately, avoiding friction between the two within your cleavage. This lifts up breasts and stops any swaying movements that you often experience due to sagging.

Interchangeable Designs

 Another way that designers are improving sports bras, is by making them interchangeable in terms of fit and style. The Elomi Energise handily incorporates this innovative feature, with a J hook back that enables you to switch the design from a normal fit to a racer back. You can change the design to enhance comfort and support for sagging, depending on the type of exercise you’re looking to partake in.

Compression and Structural Support

The key reason behind why we wear sports bras, is to support our breasts as we move. Compressing the breasts stops them from moving, while structural support from underwires keeps everything held in place. These design features are evolving as women demand more options and comfort from designers.


Infusing with Breathable Fabrics

Lingerie designers are focusing in on the textiles we wear as we exercise. Nylon, spandex, polyester and other man-made materials, for example, fare much better during exercise than natural textiles like cotton and wool. This is because technology allows us to design our own breathable fabrics, with thinner compositions and carefully knit structures to support stretch and movement.


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Why do We Never Find Matching Sports Underwear?

Matching our bra to our underwear is something often highly overrated, but it does provide us with that feel-good factor that lasts throughout the day. Sports bras are one style of lingerie that has unfortunately been abandoned here. Can you remember the last time you stumbled upon a matching sports bra and panty set?

Matching Briefs for Sports Bras for Saggy Breasts

Luckily, we’ve identified the lack of matching sports underwear, and found the subtle yet enticing Panache set. Available in both black and white, these lightweight shorts feature stylishly breathable mesh inserts at each side. This allows the skin to keep cool as you move, while the completely seamless construction techniques avoid rubbing on the skin. Arguably, the knickers we wear while exercising can be equally as important as the sports bras we choose, when it comes to comfort. Finding the perfect fit for exercise underwear, as well as the ideal material to avoid excess sweat or discomfort, is essential for those calorie burning workouts. Pair the Panache shorts with the Panache sports bra, made from breathable performance fabric with individual moulded inner cups for extra comfort and support as you move. Wires encased in silicone ensure the bra retains the ultimate fit, as the seam free design keeps you free from any irritating, scratchy pieces of fabric as you exercise.

Uplifted Lingerie: Sports Bras That Really Work

At Uplifted Lingerie, we’re all about boosting your confidence with lingerie that supports you throughout every activity. Check out our sports bra ranges to suit sagging breasts, with superior compression technology and microfibre materials to ensure your workout is both comfortable and effective. We know those with larger breast sizes do struggle to find that perfect fit. Alongside this, larger breasts do tend to follow the rules of gravity over time. We’ve therefore put together our carefully considered collection of sports bras to support larger and sagging breasts.

There’s no need to feel you can’t exercise due to the lack of offerings for your size available on the high street – we’ve got you (and your breasts) covered.


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