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What Is A Balcony Bra? Everything You Need To Know

Written on 04 August 2023

What is a balcony bra

The balcony bra is one of the most popular styles of bras, worn by people of all shapes and sizes and loved for its square neckline and fantastic support. But what is a balcony bra and when should you opt for this style of bra?

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about balcony bras, from where this style of bra got its name to what size of breasts this bra is best suited. We’ll even show you some of our favourite balcony bras that are on the market right now, giving you some gorgeous inspiration for your own bra-drobe!

Balcony Bras – Explained

The balcony bra, a style we've come to adore, didn't truly hit the mainstream until the 1950s. Although designed in the 1930s, it soared in popularity when style icon Marilyn Monroe was spotted wearing one. From that moment, its popularity hasn't waned, and it remains a go-to choice for many people today.

So, what sets this bra apart? Look out for its distinctive straight-across neckline and wide-set straps. This design has a particular purpose: its semi-circular underwires help to cradle the lower half of your breast, offering both a lift and a forward projection. It's a low-cut option, making it versatile enough for a variety of outfits, but rest assured, it still offers decent coverage if modesty is your thing.

Ever wondered how this bra got its name or how to pick the perfect one for you? Read on for all the insights you need.

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Why Is It Called A Balcony Bra?

You might be wondering exactly how the balcony bra got its name. After all, the name isn’t necessarily self-explanatory. Let’s take a look at where the name came from.

The balcony bra is actually named after the humble balcony – the architectural structure that you might see sticking of a building, creating a raised platform upon which you can stand.

The reason that a balcony bra was given its name is that it is designed to act as a balcony for your breasts, giving them a place to rest. That’s why a balcony bra sits straight across your chest, like the balcony of a building.

What Is A Balcony Bra Good For?

The balcony bra has wide-set straps which provide uplift right from the bottom of the cup. This helps to provide maximum uplift, as well as forward projection.

You might be wondering what size and shape of breasts are best suited to balcony bras. There isn’t one single answer to this, as balcony bras work well for almost every breast type.

Balcony Bra For Larger Breasts

Larger breasts need high levels of support to provide optimum comfort. Luckily, balcony bras are a comfortable and supportive option for those with larger breasts, thanks to their wide-set straps and supportive under band. This makes the balcony bra an ideal option for those looking for a bra to suit larger breasts.

Balcony Bra For Smaller Breasts

It’s not always easy to find a bra that suits smaller breasts. However, balcony bras are the perfect choice for smaller busts thanks to the excellent forward projection and uplift that they offer. This helps to give the appearance of a full and rounded bust, even for smaller breasts. Not only that, but the balcony bra offers excellent support and comfort for all-day wear.

Balcony Bra For Sagging Breasts

If you find that your breasts are lower than they once were, you may be looking for a bra that lifts your breasts and gives them a fuller shape. Balcony bras are ideal for this, as they provide excellent uplift, giving your breasts that perfect rounded shape you’re looking for.

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When Should You Wear A Balcony Bra?

The balcony bra is a great option for almost every size and shape of breast, but when should you wear a balcony bra?

This style of bra is highly versatile, meaning that it can be worn under many different types of clothing. This means that you can wear a balcony bra for almost any occasion. Whether you’re throwing on a comfortable jumper or a little black dress, a balcony bra is a great option.

The low cut straight neckline of the balcony bra makes it perfect for wearing under lower cut necklines, for example, vest tops and strappy summer dresses. However, many people also reach for the balcony bra as their everyday bra of choice, thanks to the excellent support and all-day comfort that it offers.

The impressive versatility of the balcony bra is the reason that this style makes the perfect addition to any wardrobe. You won’t just be able to wear this bra on a special occasion – it’s a style that you’ll find yourself reaching for over and over again.

Balcony vs Balconette – What Is the Difference?

You might have heard of balcony and balconette bras, but what sets these two types of bras apart and what should you know about them?

The truth is, the balcony bra and the balconette bra are one and the same. We’ve already discussed how the balcony bra was named after the structure of a balcony – balconette is simply the French word for a balcony. As a result of the large historical French influence on the lingerie industry, the term balconette is still commonly used to describe a balcony bra.

So, whether you choose to use the term balcony or a balconette, you’ll be describing the same style of bra.

Balcony Bras - Our Top Picks

The balcony bra is a versatile style that is perfect for wearing under a strappy dress for a special occasion, or as your go-to style for everyday wear. But how do you decide which balcony bra to buy?

We’ve picked out our favourite balcony bras on the market today to help you to find the perfect balcony bra to add to your wardrobe.  

Panache Tango

Panache Tango

If you’re looking for a balcony bra that combines a timeless design with outstanding comfort, the Panache Tango could be the perfect choice. This is one of our best selling bras, thanks to its fit, design and gorgeous appearance.

The Panache Tango features beautiful Austrian embroidery, along with a dainty centre bow. This is combined with impressive uplift and forward projection, thanks to the rigid cups, giving you a flawless silhouette underneath any outfit.

Available in sizes 28D – 44F and in the colours black, white and chai, the Panache Tango makes the perfect addition to almost any bra collection.

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Fantasie Belle

Fantasie Belle

If you’re looking for a taste of luxury, the Fantasie Belle is a perfect choice. This non-padded underwired balcony bra is made from silky satin for an indulgent feel and is adorned with rich Austrian embroidery to make you both look and feel gorgeous.

The beautifully soft construction of this bra provides all-day comfort, which is why you will find yourself reaching for this bra again and again. Not only that, but this bra also gives excellent shape and fantastic support, allowing you to feel your best all day long.

The Fantasie Belle is available in sizes 30D – 42E, meaning that it is suitable for a wide range of sizes. It is available in the colours white, nude and natural beige, enabling it to be worn with almost any outfit.

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Freya Starlight

Freya Starlight

If you’re looking for on-trend style and a playful design, you’ll love the Freya Starlight. The chic design of this bra features embroidered spots along with elastic piping, metallic strap detailing and a cute centre bow.

This side support balcony bra offers amazing support and forward projection without compromising on style and appearance. The stretch elastic material ensures a comfortable fit, whilst the fully adjustable straps help to prevent slippage and customise the fit.

The Freya Starlight balcony bra really is an everyday essential that you’ll find yourself reaching for over and over again. Available in sizes 28D – 38J, and a broad colour range that includes white, black caramel and rosewater, this is a versatile bra that will suit many different shapes, sizes and tastes.

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Curvy Kate Smoothie

Curvy Kate Smoothie

Although it’s always great to stand out, sometimes your bra just needs to blend in. For example, when you’re wearing fitted clothing such as a t-shirt, you want your bra to disappear seamlessly beneath your clothing. This is where the Curvy Kate Smoothie moulded bra excels, with its seam free design.

With super smooth cups and a totally seamless design, this moulded balcony bra was designed not to be seen underneath clothing. This makes it ideal for wearing under more fitted clothing such as t-shirts and fitted dresses.

An inner sling provides fantastic uplift and a beautiful rounded look, whilst powernet-lined wings make your back appear beautifully smooth. Not only that, but there’s also concealed boning at the side seam to provide additional support and to maximise comfort.

The Curvy Kate Smoothie really is a bra that has it all, providing the perfect balance between support and comfort. It is available in sizes 28D – 38J, along with the colours wild black and wild blush, to suit all tastes. If you’re searching for a bra that will disappear into the background and allow you to shine, give the Curvy Kate Smoothie a try!

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Related Questions

What Is The Difference Between Balcony Bras And Full Cup Bras?

It is a common misconception that balcony bras and full cup bras are the same thing. In fact, these are two very different types of bra. A balcony bra has cups that cover the bottom half of your breast, with a straight neckline. This allows the top half of your breast to be seen, making balcony bras ideal for wearing underneath lower cut outfits. In contrast, a full cup bra has larger cups which encompass your entire breast, providing a higher level of coverage.

Whilst these two bras look very different, the support they offer is largely the same, although this will depend on the brand and style that you choose.

Are Balcony Bras Flattering?

The balcony bra provides excellent uplift and forward projection, making it a very flattering style of bra. If you’re looking for a bra that accentuates your breasts and gives you an hourglass silhouette, the balcony bra could be a great choice.

Are Balcony Bras Good?

Everyone has their own favourite style of bra. However, the balcony bra remains a firm favourite amongst many people, thanks to its great support and shape. Whilst it is perfect for wearing under lower cut clothing thanks to its low neckline, it still provides good coverage, making it ideal for those who enjoy their modesty. There are many different styles of balcony bra on the market from a wide range of brands, so there is a balcony bra to suit all tastes and preferences.

Find Your Perfect Balcony Bra

Whether you’re looking for a balcony bra for everyday wear, or something new to wear for a special occasion, the balcony bra is a popular and versatile choice. At Uplifted Lingerie, we have a wide range of balcony bras from leading brands including Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Curvy Kate and Wonderbra, in sizes ranging from 28D up to 44G.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re always happy to help, whether that’s helping you to find the perfect size or assisting you in finding the right balcony bra for a special occasion. If you need assistance, simply send us a message online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  

In this article, we’ve answered the question ‘what is a balcony bra’, and shown you some of our favourite balcony bras on the market today. If you’re ready to find the perfect balcony bra to suit your shape, take a look at our wide range of balcony bras at Uplifted Lingerie.


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